Let your kids get their fingernails dirty while they top up on vitamin D and wholesome family fun at Thunderbird park.

What kid doesn’t like playing in the dirt and treasure hunting? Put those two wholesome activities together, add some fresh air and sunshine, and the perfect weekend adventure awaits your family at Thunderbird Park.

IMG_6180“Thundereggs” is what you will be hunting at Thunderbird Park on Tamborine Mountain. The site features the world’s largest thunderegg crystal mine (a legitimate registered mine) where visitors can fossick for, dig up and cut open 200 million-year-old mysteries.

Thundereggs are generally solid in formation, ranging in size from golf balls to tennis balls and bigger, and are found inflows of prehistoric rhyolite lava. They formed 200 million years ago in gas pockets in the lava, which acted as moulds. Depending on the minerals found in the soil and rock around the lava flow, thundereggs can take on a range of colours and crystal patterns but generally have an inner core of agate or chalcedony.

Your entry fee includes the rental of a pick and a bucket and you get to keep as many thundereggs as you can t in your bucket (if you have additional eggs to take home you pay a small additional fee).

IMG_6170On the day we visited, our tweens were champing at the bit to swing their picks and spent several glorious hours digging holes and exploring the site. What worked to our favour that day was that we brought my husband, the human bobcat. While there’s a lot of pot luck involved, we were told by staff it was favourable to dig one deeper hole rather than lots of shallow surface holes. So the human bobcat set his mind on excavating and excavate he did. Once we were down deep, you could actually differentiate the layers of dirt by their changing colours and we had some great luck finding good-sized eggs.

After hours of fun treasure hunting, the exciting part of the Thunderbird Park mining experience actually begins. Staff can professionally cut open your thundereggs and unveil the real beauty within your bucket. It’s actually a bit like a Kinder Surprise moment. Our girls had eyes like dinner plates as staff handed over the sliced eggs and our girls separated the two halves to unveil their inner eggy beauty. We cut about 15 eggs that visit and each one of them was different and beautiful. And all from bubbles in prehistoric volcanic lava!

If you’re looking for a unique screen-free day out to engage the whole family, chasing thundereggs is a great option. We’ll definitely be back.

Visit www.thunderbirdpark.com

Belinda Glindemann

Belinda Glindemann  

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