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When it comes time to prepare for a party of any sort, decorations are always on our mind. You could easily source this idea from a shop or online store but what a great opportunity for the kids to make these and they can be so individual and size is completely up to you! What are they called? I think they come under the ‘paper pin wheel’ category.

art-DIY-decorationsI have made mine all double sided so they can be hung from ceiling or outside areas but you could just design one side and attach them to walls, curtains and other flat surfaces.

Things you will need…

  • Cartridge Paper is Great because it takes water colour without too much buckling.
  • Oil Pastels
  • Water Colour Paints
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Old Metal Spoon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sticky tape and Hole Punch
  • String For Hanging

The name ‘cartridge paper’ comes from the original use for the paper which formed the tube section of a shotgun shell.


We used A3 and A2 cartridge paper for this, which is something you can buy by the sheet at local art stores as well as Mrs red’s art room. The kids are to create pattern all over both sides of each sheet with oil pastels. Because of the folding that will occur try to get them to focus on line pattern rather than drawing a picture. They need to press firmly with the oil pastels as well otherwise the water colour will not resist. Be sure to use one extra piece of paper which can be decorated just the one side as this will become your center circle.

Each wheel requires two sheets of the same size paper, artwork to be done on both sides. once all the oil pastel drawing has happened get the kids to go crazy with water colour over the top, remembering to do both sides. Lay a piece of newspaper under the artwork and when you flip over to other side it will absorb the extra water colour. Paper needs to dry before we go to the next stage.

Fold your sheets in half, length ways and cut neatly. You should now have four long strips of patterned paper. Take one strip and begin by folding it about 15mm along the short side, flip it over, fold again and repeat until you get to the end of the strip. Use the back of a spoon to help crease nice clean edges with each fold. If you use your hands you will begin to rub the oil pastel everywhere and it will look grubby. Fold the other three strips exactly the same way.

Glue down the end of one strip, attach another to it and repeat until you end up with a complete circle. Now this is the cool bit! Stand your circle up on one end on the table and gently bring the other end together. The circle will fall over and your paper wheel will appear!

Cut out the desired centre circle and with your hot glue gun, dribble some glue on your wheel and place the circle down. repeat on the other side. Now place some sticky tape at the end of one of your folds, making sure it is on both sides of the fold, for strength.

Punch a hole through the tape and attach you string ready to hang. You don’t need to use sticky tape but it will strengthen the paper.

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Mrs Red

Mrs Red  

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