When it comes to the health of our kids we’d do anything right? The  Challenge for parents is that kids often don’t just do or try anything. Generally they’ll do exactly what you’re doing, not what you ask them to do.

Ever heard the say:  “You’re just like your mother.” Or “Stop acting like your father.”? It’s no mistake. You probably are just like your mum (or dad) in many ways and you’re probably also completely different too. Everyday our children model us.  Girls want to wear lipstick and heels just like their mums, while boys want trucks, to play golf, or mow the lawn – just like dad.

This modeling behavior happens quite often when we aren’t taking notice.  Yes this can be fantastic when the kids are putting their clothes away, cleaning up after themselves or unpacking their school bags.  Yet this trait can also be warning sign.

Children don’t do as we say, they do as we do. In all facets of life – not just in behaviour, mannerisms  or dialogue, and also our action and approach to health. Many parents have a goal of improving the overall health of their children and family. The first place to start on this journey is with yourself and your own health.  If you’re going to eat like crap, you’ll feel like crap. Period.  However if you’re going to eat crap, your children will most likely eat crap too.

Our actions speak much louder than words and working with parents over the last few years the biggest changes in children’s health has come from when the parents are the ones taking the action first. This varies from family to family but over time with commitment and consistency the ripple effect of healthy habits from the parents can swarm over the entire family.

img_8022Jema’s Daily Healthy Habits:

Water:  Ensure everyday you’re drinking water. The quantity from person to person differs yet ensuring you’re well hydrated is essential for thriving health.  Starting with drinking one whole glass of water in the morning upon waking is one of the best ways to wake your body up and get a head start on your water for the day.

Breakfast:  You wouldn’t expect your car to go first thing in the morning and get you to where you need to go without fuel in it right? Many people start their bodies daily with no fuel, including children.  Create the habit of getting a well balanced breakfast of protein, carbs and healthy fats.  Doing so can assist with how you feel throughout the day including energy levels and food cravings. 

Eat a Rainbow:  Stop counting numbers when it comes to food and start counting colours.  Aim to have as many colour’s between your knife and fork as possible.

Nutritional products: Ensuring your kids are getting the essential nutrients they need on a daily basis can see big changes in their overall health and wellbeing.
Using a multivitamin and fish oil daily can be very beneficial for kids, yet don’t expect them to have something if you’re not too. 

Move:  We’re fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.  Get out, move your body and exercise.  Enjoy the fresh air and sunlight – two elements that have been improving health for centuries.

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Words // Jema Lee



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