Putting together your first outfit is a milestone – one that you may not remember years down the track, but that no doubt filled you with joy in the moment.

And as much we parents love choosing outfits for our little ones – gathering onesies, buying impossibly tiny shoes, choosing the perfect colour palette so that our kids are better dressed than we are – there’s a different kind of joy that comes with letting our children decide what they want to wear.

And major UK e-retailer Next.com.au is on a mission to spread that joy, for parents and children alike.

Their new campaign, #DressingTheNextGeneration, aims to put kids in the driver’s seat when it comes to their style. Led by super-mum and educator Jo Zammit, and joined by the families of 20 notable Aussies, the campaign challenges and empowers kids to dress themselves for one week.

Joy ensues.

Parents, including the likes of Bec Judd, Lauren Dubois, Amy Gerard, Dani Venn and Cass Michelin, to name a few, sat back and pressed record, documenting the excitement their kids felt to be completely in control of their sartorial choices.

Now, they’re encouraging other families to get involved.

“The kids had so much fun selecting their outfits,” says Bec, mum of four. “I loved watching how their little minds ticked over as they put together their look for the day.”

Jo Zammit says her kids Hunter, Archie and Evie, all had a field day dressing up too.

“I think I got just as much out of this as the children did,” says Jo, “It allowed me to let go of my perfectionism and find beauty in all their creations, even more so when they weren’t matching.

“By just allowing the children to be and choose their own outfits, I witnessed joy; the same joy I get when I get to choose my outfits.”

Families who get involved won’t just witness the joy Jo speaks of – they’ll also have the chance to win a $250 wardrobe, courtesy of Next, simply by sharing their kids’ best looks (as chosen by them) on Instagram and tagging #DressingTheNextGeneration and @nextofficial_au.

“My kids have had so much fun putting together creative and fun outfits during iso to brighten the day,” says MasterChef’s Dani Venn. “Oscar has become quietly obsessed with his bright yellow gumboots and his sparkly rainbow tutu, and Harlow has been mixing and matching her pyjama pack. Put your kids in the driver’s seat and let the magic happen.”




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