The weather is warming and I can hear so many of you rejoicing in the fact that a new season of SPRING fashion is upon us! So what should you expect to see instore over the coming months?


  • White on white
  • Metallic
  • Pastels
  • 90’s slip dressing
  • Soft tailoring
  • Athleisure (sneaker lovers rejoice!)
  • Off The Shoulder

Excited much!

Before you get too excited and embark on a new season buying frenzy (tell me it’s not just me that does this!), the most important thing we all need to understand is how to dress for our body shape and lifestyle.

By understanding these fundamentals not only will you save money, you’ll also buy pieces that you’ll love and wear many times over for years to come.

How do you work out your body shape?


Next time you’re about to jump in the shower have a look in the mirror. Work out your narrowest point, your widest point and then pick the shape below that best describes you.

Told you it was easy!



(previously called a PEAR – who wants to be named a fruit!)

Shoulders are narrower than hips.

What works for you: V neck tops, racer style tops, statement earrings, statement necklaces, scarves, cropped jackets, darker shades on your bottom half and straight cut or slightly flared pants.

Avoid: shift dresses, crew neck tees, sometimes skinny jeans, loud patterns on your lower half + swamping your upper half.


Inverted Triangle

Hips are narrower than the shoulders.

What works for you: define your waist using belts or cinched in waist bands, wide leg pants, scooped, low and deep V necklines, flared or fluted skirts.

Avoid: puffy or frilled sleeves, bulk around the neckline, bold prints on the top + shapeless clothes as they will swamp you.



Hips and shoulders are relatively in proportion with a narrow waist.

What works for you: clean cut lines, deep V, off the shoulder, sweetheart, wide strap and strapless necklines, flat front pants, items that hug and skim the body to show off your hour glass shape. The aim is to always define your waist.

Avoid: shapeless clothing, clingy tops and skirts. Clothing needs to drape or skim your body to show of your curves.



Shoulders, waist and hips are all similar in width.

What works for you: vertical stripes, long scarves, long vests, medium to no print, deep V, open, wide neck lines, jackets with sash belts or ties + empire lines.

Avoid: short skirts, square or unstructured tops and jackets, bulky fabrics, full length sleeve.



Waist is wider than the shoulders and hips.

What works for you: loose tops that skim over the tummy, scarves, longer length tops, flat front pants, tapered leg pants, longer line jackets, ¾ length sleeves, V neck, wide and open neckline tops.

Avoid: shapeless clothes, big baggy clothes, bulky fabrics + belts.


See my Pinterest board for more tips HERE.


Once you’ve worked out your body shape and understand what works for you and what to avoid, the next step is to be honest and look at your wardrobe needs.

Ask yourself, ‘What does my wardrobe need to do for me to fit my CURRENT lifestyle?’

Do you spend most of your time at home with the kids? Are you in the corporate sector? Do you work part-time in a uniform?

You need to be honest when you think about this… REALLY HONEST!


Clothes needed for:

  • Work ______ % of the week
  • Leisure _____ % of the week
  • Occasion wear ______ % of the week


Use the percentages above to help you work out the clothes you need most to suit your body shape and lifestyle.

The amount of women I see spending more on occasion pieces (what you wear to a wedding/race day etc) than the clothes they actually wear on a daily basis blows my mind!

Once you’ve worked out your wardrobe needs, stick to the formula and create a wardrobe that suits your current life, not the life you once had or the one you’re hoping to have in a year’s time.

Good luck!


Now this wouldn’t be a fashion post without a little shopping thrown in! Here are some of my favourite pieces I’ve seen instore at Pacific Fair and online over the last week that’ll introduce some of the hottest trends into your wardrobe.

One I think I might have to head back and purchase!

  1. Seed Heritage Romantic Maxi $159.95 // BUY HERE
  2. Bohemian Traders Resort Monaco Frida Top $149 // BUY HERE
  3. Country Road Iris Slide $99.95 // BUY HERE
  4. Witchery Rigid Linen Blazer $199.95 // BUY HERE
  5. Gorman Harleguin Earrings $69.00 // BUY HERE

dsc_2062Seed Heritage Romantic Maxi $159.95 // BUY HERE

(I’m wearing a 6 but could easily go to an 8 which is my standard size.  Can be worn with or without tie waist.)


Happy Shopping!

Kirsty x



Kirsty Ashe

Kirsty Ashe  

Hailing from Brisbane; Kirsty Ashe, founder of kirstyashestyle.com is a certified and experienced Personal Fashion Stylist and Resident Stylist at Pacific Fair. She has worked her magic on hundreds of women on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane empowering them to feel fabulous and confident everyday.Her up-to-the minute knowledge of current trends and intuition of what makes women feel stylish; chic & sexy (no matter the age) allows her to help them find their own unique sense of style.Kirsty’s classic styling aesthetics teamed with her continual sources of inspiration have gained her a loyal audience who regularly engage with her posts across her Instagram and Facebook accounts.Approachable, fun and blessed with a sense of style, Kirsty has fast become an extremely influential and well-rounded fashionista determined to inspire women to feel fabulous daily.And if that’s not enough, when this lady isn’t knee deep in fashion, you’ll finding her in her favourite sneakers, standing on one of the many soccer sidelines across South East Queensland, supporting her soccer addicted husband and two boys.