That’s right everyone, we may be staying at home and our wonderful holidays and celebrations may be cancelled, but Easter is still going ahead and our kids are still looking forward to something.

Let’s try our best to make it special for them in these unknown times and have FUN. Life isn’t cancelled, fun isn’t cancelled, smiling and bringing joy to others isn’t cancelled.

So, here are some of my favourite things that can all be ordered online, made at home and can help bring joy to your Easter this year.

Easter baking
Baking is such a great skill for kids to learn and it is also fun! I absolutely love the Bake Believe Cake Kits that are available this Easter. We recently made the Bunny Cake and my gosh the kids loved it. They also have cupcake ones too and the kits are all organic with no refined sugar too, so that is an extra bonus! They are also delivered direct to your door.

Easter treats
We usually make up little Easter treats that have alternatives to just chocolate. I am absolutely loving these little carrot bags from Lovely Occasions. I fill mine with popcorn and they make cute table decorations too. I also love these little Bon Bons from Lovely Occasions too. You can fill them with anything you like and they look so pretty as a place setting for Easter lunch! (I know we will still be making an effort for Easter lunch even though our whole family can’t be here.)

Easter craft
Kids love craft! I also find that in the lead up to Easter, my kids love to create things and get excited. So we often create some fun things together.

Making our own Easter Hat Parade Bonnets – Sure this may not go ahead at school this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one at home and put on your own parade in the lounge room! You can even facetime or zoom chat with your other friends or family to show off your parade!

I have bought little hats (or you could use headbands) online and I am decorating them with a variety of little eggs and decorations I bought online at Spotlight and collected previously from the local $2 shop and Kmart.

Easter decorations
I love decorating and my kids always join in. Here is a super simple easy decoration idea I do as a table centrepiece for Easter lunch. All you need is a variety of balloons (mine are from Lovely Occasions) some washi tape or coloured masking tape (I got mine from Spotlight) and just cut pieces of the tape and decorate the balloons so they look like Easter egg patterns! SO EASY! Then you can either just let the kids play with the balloons or arrange on the middle of the table (I put doubled over tape on the bottom to secure them to the table). I also grabbed all my plates and pretty forks from Lovely Occasions too.

Easter gift ideas
Easter doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate. In our family our tradition is to give the kids the following…

  • They wake up to a little gift from the Easter Bunny that consists of 1 medium sized egg, Pyjamas, a craft activity pack or colouring book from the Easter bunny and and Easter book to read. They then just get a small amount of eggs they find on an Easter egg hunt.

Other gift ideas include

  • A special Easter basket
  • Bunny ears or headband
  • A special blanket to keepsake (perfect for babies and little toddlers)
  • A bunny toy
  • An Easter puzzle
  • Something they may need like a new hat or shoes or an outfit that they can wear on Easter!

Easter party at home
Even if you are now only having a very small Easter at home, these are the ways you can make Easter Sunday special with the kids.

  • Wake up and do an Easter egg hunt
  • Decorate the table and house with fun Easter decorations and balloons. I have an example below of what I created recently for a family pre Easter dinner.
  • Play fun music
  • Create a variety of little yummy snacks or food for the day
  • Host an Easter hat parade with mum and dad
  • Play a board game together
  • Eat an Easter cake
  • Have an egg and spoon race

Whatever you choose to do, I am wishing you happiness in the small things and hope you do not feel alone because we are all in this together. Let’s make the things we have control over special and meaningful, especially for the kids.

Natalie Faulkner

Natalie Faulkner  

Natalie has been to more than her fair share of children’s birthday parties, thousands in fact! With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, and a passion for entertaining young and old, Natalie is the director of fun for kids entertainment company Strawberry Fundaes Kids Parties. She also loves to throw a dinner party, set up a fabulous picnic or just chat about mum life/character life in general. Check out her party hacks and entertainment tips (to take the stress out of your next party) on her blog // www.lovedbynatty.com