Fast food is just that – fast. It doesn’t benefit you in many other ways. But did you know it’s not that hard to eat whole foods? Here’s how…

One of the most common things I hear is ‘I don’t have time to eat well’. It is obviously more time consuming to eat whole foods over prepackaged, processed foods. However, processed and packaged foods simply don’t support good health and when you’re unwell, all aspects of your life suffer – productivity, work and finances. No one has the time or money for that!

So I’ve put together a few simple tips that I find help to make cooking with whole foods a lot easier, less time consuming and very do-able. These are things that anyone can do, so I hope you find them useful.

Meal plan
Planning meals takes the thinking out of what to have for dinner each night. It also helps you to shop for only what you need, therefore reducing food waste (which saves you money). There are heaps of meal planning templates online, so print one off and start organising.

Shop smart
Do all of your grocery shopping in one hit so you don’t need to constantly ‘stop in’ at the shops. This saves you time better spent cooking. I do all of my shopping at my local farmers’ market once a week and every month or so, I do an online supermarket shop to grab extra pantry items. Find a shopping routine that works for you.

Store veggies, washed and in view
We all need to be eating more veg right? So wash and store your vegetables so you know where everything is and you can grab it easily. You might also like to cut up some veggie sticks to store in airtight containers for the kids to snack on throughout the week. A little bit of preparation will really help you to include more veggies in your diet.

Pre-washing leaves
My family eats more salad if the leaves are washed, spun dry and ready to go. I do this as soon as I buy them and store them in an airtight container lined with paper towel (and they stay fresh all week that way too).

Batch bake
If you are going to bake any treats or snacks, do a double batch and freeze some. It’s a way more productive use of your time and it ensures you will always have something ready to throw in the lunchbox (I pack all lunchbox snacks from frozen).

Double-up at dinner time
Also, make more than you need at dinner time. Leftovers make great lunches and many meals can be frozen for another less organised time. It’s the same amount of effort, but for more than one meal.

With a little planning and preparation, eating a healthy, whole foods diet is very achievable.

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