Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your mumma told you this as a kid and you’re probably drilling it into your own kids’ heads nowadays as well.

We all know that eating a decent breakfast is important – I’d go as far to say that it is one of the most important ways to improve your general health. People who eat a nourishing meal at breakfast have improved energy levels, mood, motivation, productivity and are more able to maintain a healthy body weight. Children also bene t enormously as eating a nourishing breakfast improves concentration, focus and rates of learning.

Time and convenience seem to be the two biggest hurdles for people wanting to improve their morning meal by eating whole, unprocessed food. But with a little forethought and planning, Breakfast can be a quick, delicious, super nourishing and a fuss-free start to the day.


Make a batch of toasted muesli or granola – most store-bought muesli or granola are not only expensive, but they contain a huge amount of sugar and nasty vegetable oil. Making your own is inexpensive and extremely easy to do. Homemade muesli can be tailored to suit your individual taste and dietary requirements and, if you’re like me, you improvise each time you make it. Each batch will taste a little different, keeping it interesting.

I always make enough to fill a big pouring cereal container (enough for a good couple of months at a time). This should become a staple in your pantry for the whole family. I have a very versatile, easy to make a recipe on my website.

Chia pudding is fabulous because you can make it the night before so it’s ready to eat without any preparation at all. Chia seeds have a very impressive nutrient profile and are a great gluten-free source of fibre, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. These small, tasteless seeds swell up and absorb liquid and the flavours they are soaked in, which makes them incredibly versatile. I have a couple of delicious recipes on my website to get you started.

Bircher muesli, like chia pudding, is also a wonderful make-ahead breakfast. You can either soak toasted or raw muesli in water or milk before bed and it’s ready to eat the next morning. I like to add fruit just before serving.

I also like to bake savoury muffins and nut/ seed loaves that I freeze and reheat for a fast, nourishing brekkie.

Egg and bacon cups (see recipe, right) are an easy to prepare one-handed ’cooked breakfast’ that is yummy hot or cold. Make a big tray for a few days’ worth of brekkies and lunches as well.

Power smoothies are simple and great. Simply blend together fresh fruit, ice, a few tablespoons of oats, a few tablespoons of nuts or seeds, natural yoghurt and the liquid of your choice (milk, nut milk, coconut milk or water). I often throw a ripe avocado or a vegetable (like zucchini, cauliflower, spinach or sweet potato) in the mix – they disappear behind strong flavours like raspberries or cacao powder and add lots of plant-based fibre and goodness.

Oatmeal porridge. This is like a big hug for your nervous system and a great start to the day. Make your porridge faster to cook by soaking the oatmeal in water overnight and heating quickly in the morning. This also makes the oats much more nourishing and easier to digest too.

Leftovers. Let go of convention at breakfast and eat what makes you feel good. How about spaghetti bolognese on wholegrain toast, dhal and rice (delicious with a chopped boiled egg) or curry on wholegrain toast? The limit is your imagination.

Sadly, the supermarket breakfast foods and drinks o er none of the goodness or health benefits of a wholefoods brekkie. Commit to eating well at breakfast and you will feel the bene ts for the rest of the day.


Whilst practising as a naturopath, I found breakfast was the one meal people continually struggled with. So I’ve put together an eBook to solve your breakfast dilemmas with fast, delicious breakfast recipes. These recipes have been designed with mad-mornings in mind. Most take an average 5-10 minutes of prep-time and many are as quick as pouring the cereal or toasting the toast.

There are no excuses – this is the most important meal of the day and essential for a healthier, more productive life! The ‘Rise and Shine’ eBook is designed to make breakfast nourishing, delicious and do-able!

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