Who says school holidays mean the kids get to stop learning? These educational apps tick aaaaaall the boxes – they’re fun, functional, and a good way to ensure your kids are actually getting something beneficial out of that screen time.


Aa Match Preschool Alphabet
If your children love letters and learning the alphabet, they’ll love this game. Match lower case letters to their capital counterparts, and listen as the letters announce their sound when you do.

Monkey Junior: learn to read
It’s currently the top learn-to-read app with millions of users, and it’s little surprise why. Children can learn to read in six different languages, via ten minute lessons that can be done at any time. No preparation required!

Lola’s Alphabet Train
Perfect for three to seven year olds, this app is a guaranteed way to make your kids fall in love with learning how to read. Play a number of different games from the one app, whether it’s matching words or building them by dragging and dropping letters into place.


Fun Math Games
Boasting more than 95 educational mini games, this app is the ultimate resource for your children to sharpen their maths skills while they’re on school holidays. Topics include addition, multiplication and decimals, and games are suited to different ages and skill levels.

The Zoombinis are back from the 90’s puzzle game, only this time they’re in app form! In this app, your kids will work their way through puzzles – that become more and more challenging as the game progresses – to get the Zoombinis home. 

123 Number Magic
If your child isn’t quite around the whole ‘one to 10’ concept, this app could be the answer. Match quantities to quantities, or numerals to quantities, and watch your child become more comfortable with number concepts – and have fun at the same time!


Chemist Science Lab
Carry out amazing chemistry experiments with this awesome educational app! From sodium and water to Dragon’s Volcano, your kids will love exploring what fun they can create with chemistry – all from their tablet.

Sorting for Early Science
Get your children acquainted with basic scientific concepts with this awesome app. Building on children’s natural curiosity for objects and animals, this app uses games to develop your children’s ability to sort and categorise.

Quiz Bowl
Quizzes are the classic way to learn and have fun at the same time, and this app is the easiest way to do them! Cover topics like Natural World, Science and The Past to test your general knowledge and learn things you never would have otherwise.



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