A recent Kaiser Family Foundation study found that 8-18 year olds consume over seven hours of screen time a day, with only 15 minutes spent on study activities. In fact, educational authorities are increasingly recognising a second digital divide, between those children who know how to use technology to learn, and those who just use it for leisure (hello YouTube and social media!). But how do you know if, “but Mum, I need the internet for my HOMEWORK!” is true for your child, or just a sneaky scam to spend more time on social media?


LearnMeter (www.learnmeter.com) is an online educational tool that measures and analyses children’s computer usage to determine how effectively they are learning. By analysing children’s computer use and study habits, kids and their parents are better aware of how they use computers, to improve efficiency and online learning skills. “LearnMeter is like Google Analytics for education. Put simply, you have to be able to measure it, to improve it”, says Dr Michael Cejnar, CEO of LearnMeter.


“LearnMeter is an educational tool that differentiates ‘learn’ time from ‘leisure’ time – for the first time, it is possible to measure how skilful kids are in using their computers for learning.” With advanced analysis of online activity including attention span, multi-tasking and distractability plus weekly progress reports, trends and rankings, LearnMeter might be something for the whole family to get smarter with our online time.


LearnMeter is free from www.learnmeter.com.




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