Easter is a wonderful time of the year to bring the crew together for some quality family time. Oh, and did we mention CHOCOLATE! What better way to spend Easter than turning your backyard into the location for the ultimate Easter egg hunt that the kids (and even adults) will love. Here’s how… 

Make it feel like a treasure hunt
Draw a map or leave clues around the house or backyard leading to where some of the Easter eggs are hidden. This will make it feel more like you’re hunting for real treasure and will stretch out the time between when your kids set off for the hunt and when their sugar high hits!

Don’t forget about the magic of Easter
For the littlies, decorate the backyard so they can really immerse themselves in the magic of Easter. You could include Easter Bunny footprints (use a cardboard template and some baby powder for full effect), half-eaten carrots or even notes from the bunny himself – you want to make it seem the like Easter Bunny has really hopped by.

Make sure there’s a prize for everyone
Of course everyone is going to collect a heap of Easter Eggs during the hunt, but why not add some other prizes to mix it up? You could include small non-chocolate prizes in those plastic eggs available from craft stores or (political-correctness warning) give everyone a participation prize. You may also choose to have prizes for those who collect the most Easter Eggs.

Write it down
Keep a written record of where the Easter eggs are hidden and how many there are because if they aren’t all collected you can send your hunters out again with additional clues. It also means you wont find melted chocolate somewhere unusual in November. That, and the dog won’t find the missing eggs and get sick by eating them!

Set boundaries
You don’t need a list of rules – just make it clear where the eggs are hidden and where they aren’t so nobody runs out onto the road, for example. You might even choose to split the area into half so the little kids have a fairer chance of finding some eggs.

Get digital
To extend on the Easter theme, why not directly hook up your child to the Easter Bunny this year via one of the many Easter-themed apps available? “Call Easter Bunny” sets up a phone call with the Bunny where he will deliver a message to your child at a time set by you. You’ll even get a recording of the conversation between your kids and the bunny for LOLs and social sharing! There is also a pile of Easter-theme games available for download to get them right into the Easter spirit.

Don’t forget about the parents
You’ve spent Easter Saturday prepping for your kids’ Easter egg hunt, why not give yourself permission to shine on Easter Sunday. Hide some apple ciders, for example, around the garden for the adults sharing in your kids’ Easter egg hunt so there’s something actually worth hunting for! Or if you’ve exhausted all of your energy just preparing the kids’ Easter egg hunt make sure you simply sit back with a glass of champagne while the kids do the hard work!



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