Another school year has almost come to an end, which is definitely cause for celebration. Consider this your go-to guide to surviving (uhh, we mean enjoying) the end of school party period.

Bring a plate parties
Ahhh, the ‘Bring a Plate’ party – it’s designed to be stress-free, but ends up just being stressful. What should you bring, and how do you know there won’t be six other parents who have brought the same thing? While the humble group text is a great work-around for coordinating your class’s end of year party, it’s always a good idea to have some fail-proof recipes on hand, too. Click here for exactly that.

Teacher gifts
We owe our kids’ teachers a lot – who else would willingly put up with our children for the majority of the day, for the majority of the year? Naturally, they deserve a seriously good present at the end of the year. But what? Lucky for you, the clever clogs here at haven have spent many a month brainstorming the perfect teacher gift – and we’ve come up with a tonne of ideas. Click here for all of our suggestions.

Class parties
Whether you’re in charge of organising your child’s class party or you’re simply looking for ideas, it’s helpful to know the top places around town that cater to large groups of excitable children. We’ve rounded up our top picks and listed them right here – you can thank us later.

Remember: your children’s end of school celebrations are the perfect opportunity to reward them for all of the good behaviour and effort they’ve demonstrated throughout the year. Let them run amuck, and try to take an extra deep breath when their sugar high takes its toll.

Oh, and don’t forget to unpack and wash their lunchboxes and school bags when the party’s over. You’re welcome.



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