We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Christmas time is completely crazy. No wonder Santa needs an army of little helpers! 

Thankfully, we’ve got the organisational experts of the internet to help us navigate ‘bring a plate’ gatherings, school break-ups and office Christmas parties. Scroll on for our current favourite tools, tips and tricks that will help us keep cool during (and actually enjoy!) the holidays.

The Bumper Christmas Planner
Ahhh, the Organised Housewife. We eagerly await her Christmas content every year, knowing that we likely won’t survive the giving season without it. With her bumper Christmas planner and her website tips for everything from cooking to Christmas shopping, we really don’t know where we would be without her wisdom. If only she could wrap our presents for us, too…

The Christmas Shopping List
Avoid a budget blow-out with this handy, streamlined Christmas shopping list template! Not only does it let you keep track of what you plan to spend (and what the actual cost ends up being), but it also has columns for you to tick off when you’ve ordered, received, wrapped and given your gift. Genius!

The Christmas Celebration Planner
Are you hosting the festivities this year? You’re probably going to need this bad boy. Courtesy of Meal Planning Blueprints, this ‘Christmas Dinner Planner’ can apply to just about any Christmas meal you’re hosting, and will keep you on track when it comes to recipe hunting, shopping and actual prep time. No more frantic cooking while your guests arrive!

The Christmas Vacay Planner
Spending Christmas abroad this year, or travelling far and wide to see the family? You may want to consider mapping out your trip on this comprehensive travel planner. Not only will it help you ensure you’ve literally ticked every single box, but it will free up space in your mind for all of the other things you need to organise before December 25!

The Christmas Countdown Calendar
Kind of like an advent calendar, but for productivity and festive fun! This countdown calendar covers everything from making Christmas cards to taking cupcakes to your local fire department, meaning you don’t need to sit and think about how to make your holidays more festive – the cheer is built right into the planner!



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