As the end of the financial year draws near there can be an anxiety, even panic as many go into the process of getting all their financial affairs completed by June 30.

The end of the financial year. It’s the New Year without the boozy midnight celebration. But what if this time is not just about finances? What if this time is actually an opportunity to look back on our many other choices we have made throughout the year or even throughout our life? What if we approached this time as an opportunity to review, reflect and appreciate our financial choices and all of our life choices and outcomes?

What if our ‘deposits’ are not merely what we deposit into the bank rather our deposits include our every movement? Everything we do, say and think equals a deposit. The form (i.e. the quality) of all our deposits contributes to the quality of our investments. Embracing our investments far exceed any monetary or property investments we may have.

Is it possible that our deposits of what we do, say and think to impact all our investments including:

  • The quality of our interactions with other people
  • The quality of our relationships with other people
  • The quality of how we feel within and about ourselves
  • The quality of our life
  • The quality of our financial situation
  • The quality of anything and everything we receive in our lives

Is it possible that our every moment matters and therefore our:

  • Every movement and all that we do (deposit) has an outcome (investment)
  • Every word was spoken (deposit) has an outcome (investment)
  • Every thought had (deposit) has an outcome (investment)

So as we take this time to reflect back over our past deposits we can observe the quality of the investments we have chosen. Take the time to review your investments and appreciate what you have.

So as the EOFY nears, take this opportunity to not only consider your financial investments, rather also to reflect on all that you have deposited in all that you were done, said and thought as you reflect, review and appreciate all your investments you have coming back?


A) Review the investments we do have
B) Ask – are each of my investments ones that support me and others
C) Ask – what deposits have I made that have led to these investment
D) Ask – what unwanted deposits shall I discard
E) Ask – what deposits shall I continue
F) Ask – what new deposits shall I introduce


A) Appreciate the beauty of what is being shown. Even if you don’t like the investments you are seeing (e.g. a damaged relationship) it is still a moment of appreciation, an opportunity to be honest and therefore reflect and review all that you have deposited
B) Appreciate all your own deposits and all your own outcomes/investments – they are all a result of the choices you have made

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Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis  

Tanya founded Fabic (Functional Assessment & Behavioural Interventions Clinic) in 2006 with a vision to support people to understand and change unwanted behaviours. Tanya is an author, writes and presents behaviour specialist DVDs, and has developed online behaviour support programs // www.fabic.com.au