Poor dads – so many of them miss out on all the fun of face masks, exfoliators and hair treatments.

But according to Fabio, the world’s original male supermodel and founder of skincare range Aston James, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Known for his luscious locks, Tarzan-like physique and that ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter!’ commercial, Fabio is nothing short of an international icon. You probably saw him on the cover of your mum’s favourite 80s romance novel, as a guest on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ or even on a handful of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows more recently.

Yes, Fabio (no last name required) has done it all.

So, with decades in the glamorous businesses of modelling and acting, it goes without saying that when it comes to finding out the beauty secrets men need to know, there isn’t anyone more qualified.

We asked Fabio to share his top tips for creating (and maintaining) a dad-proof beauty routine, and we think every dad – nay, man – will want to hear what he had to say.

If a dad is creating his first ever skincare routine – or simply updating his current one – what are the non-negotiable steps he should never miss out on, and why?

Moisturising morning and night is a must. This is important for hydrating your skin which will help slow the signs of aging.

Use a hydrating serum at night if you can. A good one is game changing.

Finally, consider an eye cream. I would use one after the age of 30 but if you can use it sooner, I would highly recommend it.

When it comes to managing facial hair (not just shaving a beard or moustache, but trimming nose and ear hair and plucking eyebrows, too!), what are your top three tips?

  1. Consistency is the key – maybe every couple of weeks or so. Just make sure it happens on an ongoing basis.
  2. Invest in some good clippers or tweezers so you can do the job well the first time.
  3. If you have an issue with your eyebrow hair, when you get your haircut, ask them to help you with shaping your eyebrows. That way you can follow the shape when you want to neaten them up.

How often should men really be washing their hair?

This depends on your lifestyle. If I do sweaty workouts a lot, I tend to wash my hair a bit more, but I would say every three days or so unless it gets very greasy. If you have been swimming in the ocean make sure you wash salt water out of your hair, even if it is just with fresh water so the salt does not dry your hair too much.

What are your must-know tips for managing and caring for long hair? 

Shampoo with an effective product that has ingredients that work, but are also natural. Remember: what you put on your hair and skin will absorb into your body, so you want to make sure you are using good products.

I am loving products with Cool Menthol in them at the moment, which is why I put it into our Aston James range for men. It helps to regulate oil production, remove dandruff build up and encourages the growth of longer, stronger hair. 

I only condition my hair sparingly and I don’t wash my hair daily. I also try to avoid heating products like blow dryers as it dries the hair too much 

Where can men look for inspiration when they want to update their look?

It depends on what look you are going for. GQ, D’Marge, Man of Many and Men’s Health are good places to start. I am not on Instagram, but have a look on there too if you are looking to update your look. There are a lot of people, styles and personalities to take inspiration from! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that suits you and that you are comfortable with rather than just globbing on to the latest trend.

What is one important self-care/beauty task most men are probably skipping out on?

Probably their mental wellbeing and happiness! Men often get stuck in the rut of working to provide and then heading home. I can understand that a lot of dads especially are probably fairly stressed and burnt out.

Factoring in time for yourself to recharge is important no matter who you are. Make sure you factor in time to yourself, or time doing something that makes you happy.

How, in your opinion, do men benefit emotionally and mentally when they embrace self-care and beauty?

I think that taking care of yourself and taking steps to do that is important for your self esteem. It is also important for taking a moment to think about you and be present with yourself. This is something that can be missed when you are super busy – next thing you know, years have gone by and you realise you have not been taking care of yourself or doing things that make you happy.

Fabio, what is your ‘holy grail’ beauty product?

The Aston James AOS  night oil serum. It features argan oil fused with oils from prickly pear and açai berry and is designed to help heal the skin, protect it and nourish it. It is such an easy step in your nighttime routine. When I was younger I didn’t pay that much attention to my nighttime routine and extra products that can help with youthfulness, but now I know better.

What would you tell a man who doesn’t think he needs to stick to a daily skincare routine?

It’s better to start with a routine earlier than later. It is better for slowing aging and keeping your skin healthy. It is also a good self-care/wellbeing ritual to have, especially if you are a dad and need a moment to yourself. I am 61 now and I have never regretted caring for my skin.



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