Oh, dads… what would we do without their words of wisdom, watchful eyes and (occasional… very occasional…) nuggets of comedic gold? Spoil the dad in your life – whether it’s your biological dad, a relative, friend or, if your kids aren’t old enough to buy presents themselves, your partner – this Father’s Day with one of these fab gifts… or multiple, if you’re feeling generous!

Top 10 gifts

1. Is it really Father’s Day if you don’t give someone a mug with a corny message on it? Probably not. Finders Keepers Gifts have a bunch of great gift ideas, but these mugs are some of our favourites // www.finderskeepersgifts.com.au

2. Less of ‘daggy dad’, more of a pretty boy? Men’s grooming has come a long way since basic razors and shaving cream, and Hard to Find have a great range of products! This pack of essentials for beared men by Milkman Grooming Co. is our top pick // www.hardtofind.com.au

3. The start of September might be Father’s Day, but it also marks the start of warmer weather! Why not celebrate with a pair of the funkiest boardies around? Whether it’s kiwi fruit, cockatiels or cactuses that tickle your dad’s fancy, Skwosh has an awesome range of fun boardshorts for pretty much everyone // www.skwosh.com.au

4. Most of us love a drink or two, but we definitely don’t love stressing about whether we’ve had too many to drive home. With the AlcoSense Verity personal breath tester, dad can eliminate the ‘what ifs’ by quickly checking whether he’s right to drive – is there any better gift than peace of mind? // www.andatech.com.au

5. Summer also means barbecuing, and the dad in your life will be stoked (pun intended) to be gifted with some new weapons to unleash on his grill. How about a six-piece, stainless steel barbecue utensils set – all kept in a special silver case? // www.yellowoctopus.com.au

6. Whether they’re surfy, sporty or just plain messy, dads will rejoice when they receive their muk mat on Father’s Day. No more sandy cars, muddy floors or grubby shoes (in all honesty, it’s probably more of a gift to you) // www.mukmat.com

7. Some dads are pickier than others, so if you’re finding it particularly hard to think of a gift, consider a gift card? They can still be super personal – a voucher for 18 holes at Royal Pines Golf Course, for example, or an Event Cinemas gift card (Gold Class tickets bought on the Father’s Day weekend will also enter him into the draw to win a spy-themed vacation for two in London!) // www.giftitnow.com.au + www.eventcinemas.com.au

8. Got a dad who’s more of a kid at heart? While a full-on shortboard designed for doing tricks is probably a one-way ticket to a broken hip, a Penny board could satisfy his desire to cruise the streets feeling like he’s 18 again // www.pennyskateboards.com

9. If they’ve already got a Penny board, why not grab them a scooter? That’s right – they’re not just for children! Give them a Globber ONE NL 205 or 230 and they’ll have a blast keeping pace with your kids // www.globber.com.au

10. Whether he’s right into the gym or just starting out on his #fitnessjourney, a FitBit could be an awesome way for the dad in your life to keep track of his workouts and daily movements – then tell you all about them at your next family gathering… at least he’s using it! // www.fitbit.com



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