Did you know, one in three marriages in Australia ends in divorce, and half of those marriages include children (ABS 2016)? Brisbane tech startup Divvito launched a messaging app last month that aims to reduce frustrations when it comes to co-parenting communication after separation and divorce. Divvito works as a neutral platform between parents and aims to change the way families experience divorce by reducing friction and creating more harmony between households.

Divvito was founded after CEO and co-founder Wendy Oxenham experienced her own divorce. Trying to organise the lives of my kids with their dad via text and email while juggling emotions, full-time work and processing a divorce, was really challenging. You can’t help but be stressed after separation, so sometimes communication isn’t clear or rational and that can lead to a lot of frustration on both sides,” says Wendy.

When emotions run high, Divvito brings rational thought to parents’ messages by flagging those that could cause tension. The app replaces harsh words and gives parents time to revise their messages, taking the heat out of the moment and encouraging more positive behaviour along the way.

Divvito enables more organised communication by bringing the benefits of email to instant messaging – organising messages into topic conversations. The app also keeps notifications private (ensuring the children don’t see anything they shouldn’t) and keeps an archive of all messages, offering peace of mind to parents that they can easily reference past discussions in the future.

Visit www.divvito.com



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