Whether you’ve got them set in stone or are keen to make new ones, the holidays are full of family traditions. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these festive ideas from team haven.

See the Christmas windows
Every year, the Myer Centre in Queen Street Mall puts on the Christmas display to end all Christmas displays – just ask Anny, from our editorial team. “Growing up, my parents would take us all the way into the city – on the train, what a thrill – to see ‘the windows’,” says Anny. “We would always try to guess which Christmas tale would be told in the windows, and the display was always a million times better than we could have imagined. Am I still considering a career change to be on the official ‘Christmas windows design team’? Absolutely.”

Christmas camping
Do you tend to spend Christmas on the road or at home? If you’re looking for an adventure, why not try camping over Christmas like our publisher Keeley does with her fam? “We go camping most Christmases, so on Chrissy eve, we walk the beach, find driftwood and build a mini Christmas tree for our campsite,” says Keeley. “We add lights, turn on the Michael Buble tunes, crack the eggnog and all the feels of the festive night.” Sounds like a blast!

Cook a Christmas breakfast
Whether you’re an “open presents at the crack of dawn” kind of family or prefer to delay the gratification, you should definitely consider fitting a traditional Christmas breakfast into your morning schedule. Anny’s mum will always cook up a mean eggs Benedict, while haven intern Grace’s family prefers something a little sweeter. “Every Christmas morning, my family and I eat Nanna’s waffles with Peter’s Neapolitan ice cream for breakfast!” says Grace. Then, they sit around the tree and sip coffee while cracking open the presents. 

See what Santa left
It doesn’t matter how old your kids are – waking up to see the trail of crumbs that Santa left is the ultimate Christmas morning tradition. And the more you make a big deal out of going to the shops to choose which treats you’ll leave out for Santa and his reindeer, the more exciting the discovery on Christmas morning becomes. Grace says, “I have a younger sister, so it’s really fun to watch her reactions after she finds out the reindeer ate the carrots and Santa drank his milk (or scotch)!”. 

Or go and find him in person
There are no shortage of places to spot Santa around town – head here for our run-down – so why not make a tradition out of it?! The best part about snapping your Santa photos every single year is that you can do it weeks before the Christmas craziness begins and make it an excuse to catch up with old friends, like our editor Belinda does. “Every year, me, my two girlfriends and all of our kids meet up for Santa photos,” Belinda explains. “Not only does it mean we all get to hang out, but now that we’ve been doing it for so long, we’ve got a pretty awesome lineup of mementos to look back on.”

Here are a few other ideas…

  • As a family, put up your Christmas tree and decorations on the first weekend of December (this year, December 1 falls on a Tuesday).
  • Make your own Christmas decorations, like a wreath made from twigs and leaves from your backyard, your own ornaments or some festive table decorations.
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon, complete with eggnog, rum balls and candy canes.
  • Blast Christmas music all. December. Long.


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