This has been a school year like no other, so it makes sense that the end of school celebrations will look a little different, too. Some schools are forgoing ‘bring a plate’ parties and asking kids to bring in ‘party lunch boxes’ instead (#thanksCOVID). 

Feeling stuck for inspiration? Check our top tips for catering your kids’ end of school celebrations.

Bring a plate

The ‘bring a plate’ party is an end of school classic, but it can be hard to know what to bring. Does your child’s school have a no nut policy? Don’t fret – Georgia Harding of Well Nourished shares her top ten nut-free bring a plate recipes right here. Alternatively, for ‘bring a plate’ ideas for all occasions – we’re talking school break ups, but also family reunions, girls’ get-togethers and more – check out ‘What to bring when you’re told not to bring a thing’. Looking for even more inspiration? You’re in luck! Our recipes collection is constantly growing, and full of everything from healthified wagon wheels to kombucha roll-ups.

Party lunch box

Lunch box art is all over Instagram. From holiday-themed creations to replicas of your child’s favourite TV show characters, parents are seriously talented when it comes to putting the fun in their children’s lunch boxes. Ever looked at a perfectly cut out Peppa Pig or a collection of teeny love hearts and wondered how that mum or dad did it? Here are a few tools of the trade…

  1. FunBites food cutter, $14.95, www.minihippo.com.au 
  2. Sugar Crafty edible marker set, $14.95, www.lollipopcakesupplies.com.au 
  3. Lunchbox notes, $9.99, www.koorong.com 


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