We’ve all wasted time agonising over our “problem areas,” convinced that if our stomach wasn’t so wobbly here or our legs weren’t so dimply there, life would be perfect.

Cryoperformance may not specialise in perfection, but they certainly know how to make us feel a whole lot better. Cryo T-Shock, their breakthrough, compact cryotherapy technology – a first for Queensland – focuses on wellness and aesthetics, treating that stubborn fat that diet and exercise just can’t seem to shift. It’s non-surgery liposuction free from discomfort and suction caps and won’t leave you bruised, bumpy or fatigued. But how? Much like a cryotherapy chamber, Cryoperformance’s Cryo T-Shock uses heat and cold for a prolonged period of time (22 to 26 minutes) to produce apoptosis – bringing the temperature of fat tissues down to between 1°C and -4°C, causing them to die. Then, they’re naturally passed through your lymphatic system and those perceived problem areas are no more!

The technology is award-winning, medical grade and TGA approved, and most people see results – a reduction of as much as four centimetres in diameter in under 30 minutes – within a week of their first session. It is recommended that you do one fat freezing treatment every two weeks, to give your body time to eliminate the waste that is formed. Expect to feel toned and tightened, reduced cellulite and – most importantly – more confidence in your new and improved skin. And, if you’re focusing more on overall weight loss or general muscle recovery, be sure to give the Cryo Chamber a go, too.

“I had this fat on my stomach that I just could not shift, and after two treatments it was just about gone, I couldn’t believe it.” – Keeley, haven publisher

Promising to burn 800 calories in just three minutes, the chamber exposes you to temperatures as low as -140°C to dramatically cool your skin and activate brain receptors that send your body into survival mode. Don’t panic – the cold won’t reach beyond a millimetre into your skin. What it will do, however, is leave you feeling invigorated and fresh: like you’ve just done a workout, but you’re not tired. Feel the Cryoperformance yourself at Robina – the first cryotherapy clinic on the Gold Coast.




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