Christmas is about family, but that can mean your chosen family, too. Whether your relatives live far away or you’re distanced from them in other ways, there are plenty of cases to be made for celebrating the festive season with your friends.

So, gather your besties and throw a ‘Friendsmas’ party for the ages with these tips.

Bring a thing

If someone’s putting their hand up to host, lighten their load and have everyone bring a thing. This could simply mean bringing a plate of food, or something a bit more vague to inspire creativity. Perhaps your ‘thing’ could be giant jenga, some sparklers or even your family dog. The more random, the better!

Great games make a great party

It’s not Friendsmas without some friendly competition, so go the extra mile to make sure you’ve got a range of great games to play throughout the day. Secret Santa spin-offs like ‘White Elephant’ (AKA Dirty Santa) are an obvious option, but you might also want to pick up some backyard/beach games or tabletop trivia cards to keep the conversation flowing.

Invest in disposable cameras

The secret to throwing an unforgettable get-together is having photos to look back on. But, you don’t want to spend all night taking happy snaps if it means you’re missing out on the fun. Instead, why not invest in some disposable cameras and spread them around the party, wedding style? You could also entrust them to the best photographers in your group.

Do a patio crawl

If you’re lucky enough to have friends who are also your neighbours, a ‘patio crawl’ (or deck crawl, or barbeque crawl, or backyard crawl) is a great idea. Everyone starts at one house, with the owners of that house serving drinks and some finger food – do the same at the next house, and the house after that. So fun.

Try an experience

Friendsmas doesn’t need to be a party – in fact, experiences can make for great Christmas celebrations with your friends. If you’ve all got young kids, why not go and get your Santa photos taken together? You could also leave the kids at home (in the care of a babysitter, of course) and go to a local distillery for a fun, grown up night out.

Get creative! Christmas is what you make of it.



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