What do big businesses and small businesses have in common? They all started with a cool idea. We chatted to three business owners, all killing it in their chosen fields, about their long – and sometimes rocky – roads to success that each started with that one good idea.

Meet Sophie Guidolin, author and fitness model…  

Sophie says that sometimes circumstances force you to unleash your inner entrepreneur, whether you’re ready or not.

“When I first became a mum, my drive to achieve never diminished,” she says. “I established an eBay store importing kids’ clothes from overseas and selling them online – and earned more than I could in any ‘real’ job while also looking after my two boys! I worked two jobs, studied and was the sole carer for my sons. It was hard, but I had no other choice than to succeed.

“Then there was Eat Clean, Live Lean which was born from a folder of family favourite recipes that I would continually add to as I tweaked dishes to create my favourite flavours in healthier formats. The combination of easy recipes, whole foods, sugar-free and preservative-free dishes resonated with audiences around Australia, and I knew there was market demand for more.

“When I gained and lost 30kg in my first pregnancies and shared my transformation on Instagram, I realised how strongly my emotions and fitness journey resonated with other mums. I knew I had to create a program that was easy to follow, sustainable, flexible, family-friendly and achieved real results.”

And that’s when Sophie’s success really took off. Years of development and money that she “scrimped” went into THE BOD program. Just recently, she signed 1000 people up to her ‘THE BOD Restart’ program in just a few days.

“One thing that changed my life was investing in a good accountant and business mentor – my accountant teaches me along the way rather than taking the reins without educating me,” Sophie says. “Besides having a strong tribe around me, there are a few key business tools I cannot live without – MYOB, ReceiptBank, my website, Instagram, slack and PayPal – and I use my iPhone, camera and headphones daily. Oh, and coffee – always coffee!

“The key question in business is, ‘Why should someone believe in your products?’. I think when you 100 percent believe in your product, when you know it can create life-long change, when you have fun doing it and when you can’t shut up about it, you’re the most convincing advocate for your brand. I just share my passions and I’m fortunate to have attracted an amazing tribe of women who share my beliefs and support my products.

“One of my favourite quotes in my latest book More than Words is ‘Be the woman who went for it.’ Worst case, it doesn’t work and you try something else. Life is never about regret or mistakes, just lessons, adventures and memories made,” Sophie says.

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Anastasia White

Anastasia White  

Anastasia (‘Anny’ to her friends and family, thanks to some nickname experimentation in year 4 that unfortunately stuck) is a born-and-bred Brisbanite with a love of coffee and her cat, Olive. Having recently finished a degree in journalism, Anastasia loves being able to learn and write about so many different topics for a variety of audiences.