Looking for efficient ways to raise funds for your school or community group? Start here…

Fundraising can be pivotal to any school or community group’s success, but it can also be such a challenge when managers, educators and parents are all pushed for time and resources.

haven has spoken to various school administrators and parent committee experts for their valuable first-person advice on hosting a humble fundraiser and here are the best tips we’ve uncovered in the process…

Look for low overheads
Avoid activities with start-up costs or schemes where an initial investment is needed to make money. Inexpensive options are almost always easier to kick-off. And there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. An option with low overheads, such as a cake stall during recess, is a great way to raise a few hundred dollars. Do the math on every potential fundraising activity to ensure you are focusing your efforts wisely.

Conserve time and effort
Between work life and raising a family, those on any fundraising committee generally have even less time and energy left. Some activities are just not practical so look for low impact options. Organising the school fete is exhausting. Running a raffle might be more achievable? If you don’t bake, try a sausage sizzle.

Get the kids involved
Ideally, your students or group members should get involved in your fundraising effort. A little friendly rivalry between year levels, classes or houses, for example, can work wonders. This is a great way to use available resources, and students experience the responsibility and reward of contributing to a cause.

Be purpose-led
Be clear about the purpose of your fundraising – whether for a veggie patch or the volleyball team, you’ll get better support from your school community if they can visualise the goal. You can also add incentive to your fundraiser by supporting a broader purpose. Consider donating some of the funds raised to a local charity as this can provide motivation to give generously.



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