Fuzzy Chick Cookies

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Try these tasty Fuzzy Chick Cookies, a fun edible craft for preschoolers and older children to celebrate Spring or Easter! Thanks to Busy Bee Kids Crafts for the simply adorable and easy recipe!!



Here’s what you’ll need

• Small Cookies (we used Vanilla wafer cookies)
• Icing
• Yellow food coloring
• Coconut
• Zipper baggie
• Candy corns
• Mini chocolate chips 

Here’s how you make them…

1. In a zipper baggie mix 6-8 drops of yellow food coloring and ½ cup of coconut. Seal the bag and squish it around until all the coconut is yellow. 


2. Add some yellow food coloring to the icing and spread it onto your cookie. Sprinkle on some of the yellow coconut to make your chick fuzzy. 


3. Now stick in your candy corn beak and chocolate chip eyes and enjoy!

½ cup of yellow coconut will cover 10-15 cookies (depending on the size of cookies you buy).



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