You’d have to have been hiding under a rock (or perhaps a mountain of Christmas gift wrap?) not to know about the opening of The Collective Palm Beach last month. Celebrating Boxing Day with a game-changing take on Gold Coast dining, The Collective has taken the city by storm, with sell-out days and nights the norm. We got the inside scoop from Co-Founder and Director, Jeremy Davidson, on how this gem of an idea came to be . . . and what’s coming up next!

TheCollective-Jan17-6The Collective Palm Beach is a family business, with creative forces Jeremy, sales and marketing expert Chloe Hubbard and businessman and property developer Wayne Hubbard setting their sights on delivering a completely new dining concept. Comprising a world of culinary options under one roof, The Collective Palm Beach is home to:

  • Luckies Diner: Casual American, burgers, wings and sides by the team from Easy Street Diner
  • The Italian Job (powered by Bread and Butter): Woodfired pizza and tapas by Jorge Mauleon of Bread and Butter
  • Umami: Asian Fusion by Vincent Seng from Mamasan
  • Calavera: Authentic Mexican cuisine
  • The Kitchen @ The Collective: Modern Australian share plates
  • The Rooftop @The Collective: Rooftop bar and dining
  • Two Seasons Coffee roasters: Barista cart with seasonal coffee blends, smoothies and slices

We asked Jeremy to spill the (Mexican) beans on creating this market disruptor:

What inspired you to create The Collective, and how long did it take from concept to launch?
Chloe, Wayne and myself were inspired while travelling around Europe and eating at many of the amazing foodie markets. We loved the selection, the atmosphere and the fact that we could all eat different things and spend hours eating and drinking the day away. From there the idea grew over the course of a year or so (perhaps better measured in bottles of wine drunk at the dinner table) and snowballed in to what The Collective represents today.

TheCollective-Jan17-8What were your top criteria for deciding which eateries to include?
We put our heads together and came up with the desired mix that we wanted to achieve to reflect “The Collective” mentality of offering a variety of choices under one roof. From there we went to some of our favourite local eateries on the coast and got talking to the owners and chefs in those businesses. We were looking for like-minded creative people who share our excitement for food, drinks and fun and are really excited with the team that has come together.

How is The Collective different from any of the other foodie haunts on the Coast?
The Collective is like having all your favourite restaurants under one roof. There are three things that set us apart:

  • Our variety of choice: we have 150+ menu items to choose from.
  • The venue: we have a large indoor/outdoor atmosphere making the most of the beautiful Queensland climate with rooftop space that offers ocean glimpses and spectacular hinterland sunsets.
  • Our staff and culture: As owners of the business we are truly blessed to have such a fantastic team of friendly, energetic and interesting people at every level.

You’ve been booked out since launch – how far and wide are you pulling your clientele from?
Having opened in peak tourist season we have certainly seen a lot of travellers coming through the venue, however we are most excited to have support coming from all over the Gold Coast.  We are so grateful to the Palm Beach locals who have been out in full force, having watched the building grow and develop, and also people coming from all over the Gold Coast to come and enjoy The Collective.

TheCollective-Jan17-3Why do you think there’s been such a positive response to The Collective?
We were always pretty confident that the concept would be well received, however as with any business the true success comes down to the people in it. Our motto of “Better Together” is prevalent in everything we do, and despite some early teething issues for our systems, the team have handled all the challenges of opening with constant smiles, friendliness, personality and energy and have provided a new style of friendly and personable hospitality that has been really well received.

What’s your top pick menu item for dining with kids?
It has to be Luckies’ Mac n Cheese. Or for posh pups, the Truffled Mac n Cheese is mind-bogglingly awesome!

What about your best pick for a “Back-To-School Hallelujah Lunch” with the mums?
After a long school holiday break, I’m sure mum deserves a glass of Champagne, with some freshly shucked Champagne Pearl Oysters. Then an ice cold jug of rose sangria to share with the girls to accompany The Italian Job’s Piatto Misto, with some of the best meats and cheeses you will find outside of Europe.

What’s next for The Collective?
We have an exciting schedule of events through 2017 that will continue to excite the Gold Coast foodies so watch this space.


The Collective Palm Beach is open 12noon to 9pm, seven days plus breakfast at The Kitchen @ The Collective from 7am daily.

Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.