Anyone else feeling seriously dry and dull after winter? We’re in need of a refresh, and spring is the perfect time to do it – here are our favourite beauty treatments to shake off the winter blues.

Get your glow back

We always feel a little pale after winter, but that’s especially true after all of the recent rain. If you can’t achieve a natural summer glow, store-bought is fine. For a subtle pop of colour, we’re loving the Eco Tan Face Water – swipe a few drops all over your face with a reusable cotton round and you’ll wake up looking rejuvenated, promise. Alternatively, go all out with a spray tan. We prefer to outsource and go to a salon (to avoid mishaps) but there are plenty of great self-tanning products on the market, no matter what your desired outcome is.

Wax on, wax off

Whether you opt for hair removal or not, we’re typically at our fluffiest when we come out of winter. Blame it on the fact that we can religiously wear jeans and tracksuit pants – why shave or wax if no one will even notice? But now, as beach days return and sundress season is officially here, you might be looking for a hair overhaul. Shaving is great in a pinch, but we’re fans of more long-term solutions. Book in a wax or laser treatment, or invest in an at-home laser machine or epilator because let’s be honest: who wants to shave every week?

Scrubbing up

Anyone else feel as though the scaly legs are lingering a lot longer than normal? We just can’t seem to shake the dry skin, whether it’s our legs, feet, arms or face. We’re due for a good old fashioned exfoliation session, and we’re pulling out all the stops. Cut down on the steaming hot showers (these zap moisture from your skin) and avoid any intense cleansers. Instead, we’re all about nourishing exfoliators, rich creams and sheeny shiny oils to lock in the moisture.

Nail it

Much like your skin, your nails might be feeling dry and flaky after winter. Your feet – which have probably been in closed-in shoes all season – are in need of some TLC, and we give you total permission to book in a guilt-free pedicure. You’ve earned it. For your hands, why not try an at-home manicure with your very own gel nail kit? One of our team haven members bought one last year, and has been loving having manicure sessions with her daughters (and the long-lasting results she gets from them!).

About face

Last but not least, the moneymaker. Take a good, hard look at your skincare and see if you can swap in hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and lactic acid. You may even want to introduce a low-level retinol to promote the growth of new cells (really shake off winter once and for all, ya know?) and invest in a quality oil to lock everything in. As far as skin treatments, we highly recommend treating yourself to a prescription facial at GC Skin Boutique (located at Surfers Paradise and Kirra) or trying out a LED light mask at home!



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