It’s never been more important to show our loved ones that we love them. The question is, when borders are closed and we’re separated by distance, how do we do that? These gift box sets are a great first step.


  1. Lovebox: A connected messaging device that pairs with an app to show your loved ones you’re thinking of them. Send them photos and coloured messages, stickers and drawings! Click here for more.
  2. Dear Ava: If you need to send love to a friend in mourning or who’s going through a tough time, this is the perfect gift set. It shows sensitivity and a touch of luxury. Click here for more.
  3. Callie Gift Co.: These guys have something for everyone! Pictured above is their Sip & Soak Relaxation kit, but they’ve got cocktail making kits, kits for new mums and lots more. Click here for more.
  4. Aussie Organics Co: This personalised, organic self-care gift box is filled to the brim with everything your loved one needs for a relaxing weekend. Think bath bombs and soaks, body oil, you name it. Click here for more.
  5. Coconutsy: Your friends down south are probably missing out on the summer vibes right now, so why not package them up into a box and send some their way? This Beach Vibes kit lets you do exactly that! Click here for more.
  6. In Our Hands: Your sustainable or eco-conscious friend will love this one, especially if they’re also into beauty! It comes full of everything they’ll need to make sustainable swaps in their beauty routine, right down to a new toothbrush. Click here for more.
  7. Feel Better Box: This one’s for the boys. Packed with top quality socks, man-proof skincare (nice enough to keep them coming back for more, but not so fancy that they’re scared of it) and a block of chocolate, they’re sure to love it. Click here for more.
  8. Hanako: The hippy in your life is sure to delight in this Manifestation Gift Pack! It includes a sage bundle, pyrite and selenite crystals and manifest mist, meaning it’s sure to banish the lockdown blues. Click here for more.
  9. Face Theory: This leading skincare brand offers a unique service, letting you bundle your favourite products into a bespoke gift box for you to send to a loved one. Click here for more.


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