Does waking up, showering, throwing on some tinted moisturiser and walking out the door looking your absolute best sound appealing? Eyelash extensions mean less time putting on your face and more time sleeping – they’re amazing for the gal on the go. They can add length and fullness to your natural eyelashes, they’re customisable to you, water resistant and lightweight, and they enhance your natural beauty while cutting your makeup time in half. You can opt for a natural look or go dramatic – no mascara needed.

So how does it work? Basically, you come in for an hour, have a nap and wake up looking amazing! Eyelash extensions are individually applied to each of your natural lashes and there are a range of different types, lengths, thicknesses and colours. They’re perfect for every day, holidays or special occasions, and should last up to four to six weeks with the proper isolation, application, products and aftercare – proper cleaning and daily brushing are essential. They generally fall out with your natural lash cycle, which is why two to three ‘infills’ are recommended to keep them looking full and fresh. However, this can vary depending on your skin type (oil breaks down the adhesive), skin products used, exercise and sleeping patterns.

My clients’ experience is the upmost importance to me. I really take the time to get to know my clients and their lashes – I customise the length, thickness, type and colour of the extensions to the client, considering both their wants and what their natural lashes can hold in order to stay healthy. Because I am a one-woman show, my clients see only me, every time, which ensures they get the same experience every time, same products, same great outcome.


Georgia Kilpatrick

Georgia Kilpatrick  

Founder and lash artist, Face Australia Co.