We’re missing our Friday knock-off drinks, walk and talks and coffee catch-ups. Here’s how to hang with the girls when you’re all stuck at home.

Share a virtual wine
Don’t get it twisted – the wine is very much real. Instead of sharing a bottle in person, however, you’re turning on Skype, FaceTime or the ‘app of the moment’, House Party, and video chatting with your friends. You can schedule in a time that suits everyone, or just chat one-on-one when the clock strikes ‘wine time’.

Play Photo Roulette
You may want to cull your phone’s photo album before playing this one. Photo Roulette is an app that shows a random photo from a players’ camera roll – the first person to correctly guess whose photo it is, wins! It’s fast-paced, fun and a little bit terrifying waiting to see which photo of yours will be dug up and put on display for all to see (for only five seconds).

Schedule driveway hangs
Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to forego all forms of physical interaction – you can still have a chat or drink with your girlfriends from afar, and your frontyard is the perfect place to do it. Make sure everyone brings their own glasses, chairs, food and drinks, then set up in your driveway (or front or backyard, or over the fence ‘Home Improvement’ style) and enjoy some socialisation and self-isolation.

Throw a Netflix party
Netflix isn’t usually the most social activity, but a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party changes that. Have all of your friends get set up with Netflix Party, and choose what you’re going to watch – while the show or movie plays, you’ll be able to live chat about what’s going on, and even stay synced with the live pause feature. It’s the best way to throw a movie night from a distance.



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