I just read the most amazing article that put a smile on my face from ear to ear…. I needed to read this article! Funny how these things come along when most needed.

I had a stressful morning and had taken my frustration and stress out on the one that is closest to me. My husband. We are all guilty of this…. I’m not sure of the solution on this one but anyway read on and hear my thoughts….

I have always preached to new employees and teammates to not sweat the small stuff. Take it on the chin and solve the problem and to not show your stress. It will do you and the situation no good. Yet, sometimes I find myself sweating the small stuff and getting worked up. Perhaps an overload of multiple businesses, husbands stressful job, 3 kids, giving my all to my clients and running a busy household might have something to do with it. It can be just a small thing that can tip you over the edge and that’s what it was for me.

The article that I read today talks about swapping sorry for thank you. Instead of saying sorry I am late, swap it for thank you for waiting for me. This Aussie fitness GURU had many great contacts along the way while living a working his way up in the London Fitness Industry and many gifts from people in the right places and all because he showed gratitude in all his years in the business. He never let his ego go to his head and always remembered to say thank you. This has made me question myself. Am I saying thank you enough? I feel like I have let myself down with my thank you’s – I have just got too busy, too much on my plate! Is this a bad excuse, well it is one that makes me want to lessen my load so that I can just acknowledge and show gratitude for the small things and the big things in my life.

So, today I am drawing a line in the sand to lessen the load, focus on the important things, to not sweat the small stuff, to practice more pilates and movement and to say THANK YOU. I will also be telling my husband thank you for standing by me and supporting me when I most need it!

As James Duigan said – Gratitude is a wonderful gift and it doesn’t cost anything to say thank you. It has the power to change someone’s day! It can also change your life….

It can shift your mindset and the way you feel about yourself. Best of all it will improve your relationships with others that get to experience your positivity and not your negative energy.

Roz & Dave Norman

Roz & Dave Norman  

Roz has been a passionate advocate for healthy living since starting her career as a group fitness instructor at 16. Roz’s fitness journey progressed personally and professionally locally and abroad, before moving into management roles for Goodlife and Managing Director for Snap Fitness Australia. David holds a sport science degree, has owned award-winning fitness studios in the past and founded/co-directs EYE fitness / Synergy Fitness which supplies innovative fitness products and programming across Australia, NZ and Asia. Nowadays, the pair owns and operates Pilates & Co, delivering dynamic Pilates reformer sessions along with functional training classes to help tone, lengthen and strengthen while developing clients’ cardiovascular training and metabolic conditioning // www.pilatesandco.com.au