Our home is our sanctuary – a place to re-charge, relax, love and play.  For this reason it is important that our sacred haven envelopes us in good vibes and is a healthy and harmonious environment for ourselves and our families.

One of the ways I love to infuse my home and life with positivity is with the use and placement of crystals.  Today I am delighted to share with you my Top 5 crystals – the benefits and properties; and the best place to display these precious rocks for the highest good of you and your tribe.

Safety first: please be mindful to place crystals up high and out of reach if you have little loves at home.

Rose Quartz
The stone of LOVE.  This beautiful, soft pink crystal transforms relationships with Self and others.  Restores harmony and encourages unconditional love, forgiveness and peace.  Heart opening and healing.

Place Rose Quartz:

  • at every window to allow love to flow into your home and your life with ease and grace.
  • next to your bed to renew your relationship with unconditional love.
  • in your child’s bedroom to infuse with love and peace.

The stone of WEALTH.  This sparkly, gem-like stone is known as the “money stone”.  Also known to boost confidence and drive, creating a strong mindset.

Place Goldstone:

  • in the wealth area of your home – in Feng Shui this is the back left corner of your home when standing at your front door – to attract golden opportunities and wealth into your life.

The stone of PURITY.  Fluorite absorbs and neutralises negative energy and purifies on all levels. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress.

Place Fluorite:

  • next to computers, televisions and any electronic device to purify the air and neutralise any electromagnetic stress.

Smoky Quartz
The stone of PROTECTION.  Very grounding and detoxifying.  Relieves fear, raises mood and brings calmness.

Place Smoky Quartz:

  • in the centre of your home to keep your abode, you and your loved ones protected.

The stone of SPIRITUALITY.  This translucent crystal opens the Crown Chakra, allowing spiritual guidance to flow.  A calming stone that instils deep peace.

Place Selenite:

  • in your meditation nook
  • on your altar or sacred space in your home
  • next to your bed

Now sit back, relax and soak up all the positive energy swirling around your home and be sure to notice any shifts that occur in your perspective and behaviour.

And, while we are at it, here’s another tip: take the good vibes with you wherever you go – don’t be afraid to pop a crystal in your purse, pocket or even your bra (makes the perfect crystal pouch!)

Carley McGee

Carley McGee  

Carley McGee is an Interior Stylist, Content Writer, Flower Essence and Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Mother. Her intention is to offer services of love to the collective and all her offerings fall under the umbrella of ‘Soulful Living’. Based on the Gold Coast she adores coastal living and is a self-confessed ocean swim-aholic; seeing the beach as her sanctuary to cleanse, recharge, relax and play. She is an avid collector of nature treasures and has more feathers, heart shaped leaves, stones and shells than you can poke a stick at (pun intended). She is constantly inspired by Mother Nature’s beauty and colour palette and believes good style and design originate from this very place. Carley has been involved in the field of Style and Design for over a decade and currently works freelance for local Gold Coast businesses and individual clients – offering her 'Soulful Home' package. Her mission is to inspire others to live a life they love; allow their home styling and design to tell their story and above all, to be authentic and enjoy daily soulful living // www.carleymcgee.com.au