Grover is the funny, furry blue monster from the famous Sesame Street gang. He stopped off in Brisbane recently to meet his fans, enjoy the city and cuddle the native animals (which hasn’t gone down too well). Anastasia White chatted to Grover about his visit.


Straight off a long flight all the way from Sesame Street, Grover (aka Super Grover) is in remarkably high spirits – especially because he’s staying on the 30th floor of the Sofitel Brisbane, he said.


“It was a nice flight here, even though I was in carry on luggage. It is very expensive to fly to Brisbane, did you know?”


Especially when you’re bringing two of Sesame Streets most loved monsters: Grover and his alter ego, Super Grover, who has already received a call of distress while in Brisbane.


“It led him (aka me) up to the tippy top of a tree. I thought it was a little kitty cat, but it was not. I came face to face with a very angry koala! I have no idea what was going on in his life, but boy was he angry.”


So what did the angry koala need help with? “He needed help with getting a better attitude perhaps,” Grover said.


Along with saving angry wildlife, Grover was very busy while in Brisbane. He rode The Wheel at South Bank and headed to Lone Pine to cuddle some koalas, kangaroos and platypuses. He was also planning a swim at South Bank.


“I can swim,” he said. “Especially if I have my water wings – but it is a little bit cold here. I should have maybe brought a jacket. It is hard to pack much at all when you yourself are the carry-on.”


16.-Gwen-Stefani-Cookie-Grover-Jesse-GrantBack home Grover keeps very busy. When he’s not at school or saving the day as Super Grover, you can find him working as a waiter, taxi driver, Christmas tree salesman, news anchor, or singing telegram artist – just to name a few. He also enjoys meeting the celebrities who visit Sesame Street, but says there are so many it can be almost frightening.


“Celebrities seem to drop out of the sky on Sesame Street!” he says. “You have to be careful, you always have to look up. It is like the drop bears you have here.”


I asked him if he has a favourite celebrity, but Grover didn’t want to choose.


“If I had a favourite celebrity it might make other celebrities feel bad. And I want people to feel good about themselves, not bad,” he says.


I couldn’t let Grover get away without asking the question that has been pondered by generations since the show started in 1969 – can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?


“Well, there are a number of ways you can get there from here,” Grover said. “It is a very long way, I do not think I want to bore you with the details. I can send you a link.”


Catch the 46th season of Sesame Street with Grover, Cookie Monster, Elmo and the entire gang on ABC KIDS each weekday morning at 9am and 12 noon.




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