As a makeup artist and a mother I often get asked when is a good age for my daughter to learn about and start wearing makeup? In my opinion, it is whenever they want to…

I think as parents we are scared that little girls wanting to wear makeup is a bad thing because they are wanting to change their appearance, or are trying to look older. But have we ever considered that it’s just another form of art?

In today’s world of YouTube and Instagram, our kids are exposed to so many forms of “art”. Whether it’s singing and dancing, writing and filming funny little sketches or slaying a smokey eye, they are all forms of art and and have nothing at all to do with anything other than that.

Most schools won’t allow kids to wear makeup to school so I suggest that if it is something they are interested in, to let them nurture it on the weekends at home, or just before bath time so they can wash it off. Fortunately through the likes of YouTube, our kids are able to learn anything they want from thousands of very talented people who film and post tutorials online for free.

Get them a few key items of “real” makeup (I find the kids ‘play’ makeup is normally very hard to remove and usually have a horrendous colour selection). Set them up with a few makeup brushes, their favourite YouTube and some good lighting and remember to tell them just how beautiful they look when they emerge wearing their makeup ‘creation’ (and how beautiful they are when they’ve taken their makeup off!).

Makeup items for their first makeup “kit”:

  • BB cream or tinted moisturiser
  • brown or clear mascara
  • an eyeshadow pallet (with a mixture of matte & shimming colours)
  • lip gloss
  • blush (cream or powder)
  • bronzer
  • brush kit
  • makeup wipes

Who knows, you may be harvesting the next celebrity makeup artist or beauty influencer under your very own your roof. You never know what their calling will be, so let them explore and discover anything and everything that sparks their little imaginations.

Happy Painting Little Dolls x

Fellan Robinson

Fellan Robinson  

Makeup artist from Australia, YouTube beauty blogger, stylist, mummy and all round makeup and fashion addict // www.youtube.com