Handprint Chicks

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Thanks again to Meet the Rubiens for their adorable idea!!


I have so many Easter crafts I’m excited to share with you, and this is definitely one of them. These are adorable. I cut and glued all the chickie parts on the paper and my kids gave me some wonderful little handprint wings. I just adore these and they will make a great keepsake for years to come. These are very similar to the hand print owls we made before because I loved them so much! Here’s how to make them:
What you’ll need:

several pieces of coloured cardstock – 1 main page, and then yellow, orange, white, black
yellow paint
paint brush
optional – hole punch, circle punch

1. using your yellow cardstock, cut out a chick’s body and glue on your main paper.
2. using your orange cardstock, cut out the chick’s head feathers, beak, and legs and glue on your main paper.
3. using your white cardstock, cut out two circles for eyes and glue on paper – I used a circle punch.
4. using your black cardstock, cut out two pupils for the eyes and glue on paper – I used a hole punch.
5. paint your child’s palms yellow and stamp them on each side of your little chick.



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