Hello there! It’s been a while since we’ve talked business with you, so we thought we’d check in. As crazy as the world seems right now, we’ve found a wonderful silver lining – a slower pace. What lockdown has given the business community is time.

We’ve personally had quality time to think and work on projects that seem to sit on the ‘to do’ list indefinitely. We also see other business owners with the time to work diligently on their businesses right now, rather than feverishly in them. Are you in the same boat? If you’ve been given the gift of time to contemplate how to advance your business now, in preparation for ‘the other side’ of coronavirus, the haven creative crew is here for you!

There are many ways we might be able to plug into your business – check them out below.

On a personal note, we are staying positive while working through the challenges that coronavirus presents. While there’s been a huge downturn in the publishing industry and in advertising in general, you’ll still see haven reaching inboxes each week in our classy-cool new style (check out our latest eHub newsletter) and online engagement is on the increase! We’re also still keeping in touch with you and your customers daily via our social media channels (as any friend would) while our print magazines are on hiatus (we’ll be sure to let you know when we’ll be back!).

Let us send some positive vibes your way during these unprecedented times. Let us give you a virtual high five for home-schooling your kids on top of everything else. Let us reassure you that haven has got your back. Just call out and we can lend a hand!

1. Content creation
Story telling + copywriting.

2. Graphic design
Hire haven’s graphic designer for the day.

3. Custom publishing
We make magazines (often), and have done so for almost a decade.

4. eBooks
Let us take your expert wisdom and put it into a book that you can use to GROW your business!

5. Email marketing
Set up, management, list building + content creation.

Let’s start the conversation … we’d love to get creative with you! Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.



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