It’s no secret that Australians love a drink – it’s pretty much part of our DNA. Which makes it all the more impressive that, every July, a portion of the population put down their stubbies and lay off the chards for a whole month, to raise funds and awareness to help those with cancer.

As we creep towards the end of Dry July, now is the time that participants find themselves daydreaming about that first sip of cider or sniff of sav blanc. The end is so close, but not quite close enough.

To see you through, we spoke to founder of Sansdrinks, Irene Falcone about the many benefits of alcohol-free alcohol – not only during Dry July, but all year round.

“It’s good to start somewhere, whether you challenge yourself to do the whole month or just a few extra days or even a week,” says Irene. “By making simple switches that are delicious too, the zero-alcohol industry is having a dramatic and positive effect on society, people’s health and the wider community.”

If you’re not yet acquainted with the wide world of alcohol-free alcohol, you’re in for a treat. Whether beer, wine or spirits are your drink of choice, you’ll find delicious zero-alcohol versions of them all.

“Non alcoholic drinks were uninspiring when I first discovered them – they didn’t taste good and they were hidden away at the shops,” says Irene. “I decided to harness my passion for a healthier Australia and open Sansdrinks, and the reception from customers is better than I could have ever imagined.”

Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up just a few of our favourite ways to help you get your Sunday mornings back.

Heaps Normal

Delivering beer without the downsides, Heaps Normal reckons their zero-alcohol beer is too good to be wasted. Led by four guys all with their own motives to get off the booze – ranging from familial alcohol abuse to years in the beer industry, to global surfing achievements – Heaps Normal boasts a full-flavoured range of all your favourite beers, without any of the regret.


Lyre’s Spirit Co.

Founded in 2019 by Smart50 winner Mark Livings, Lyre’s Spirit Co. is the world’s most awarded maker of non-alcoholic spirits. Through in depth flavour profiling and food science techniques, each of Lyre’s products have been crafted to deliver an alcohol-free alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the unique taste of a classic spirit.



Australian made and female founded, NORT Beer’s high-quality taste is a result of the craftsmanship that goes into creating it. Co-founder Jaz Wearin observed that simply removing alcohol from a beer often leaves the product tasting sweet and plain, so set out with a team to craft a new non-alcoholic beer using traditional brewing methods from scratch. 



Using a special blend of distilled extracts, tinctures and natural flavours, Finery 0% delivers a collection of premium-blend beverages, free from alcohol and sugar. With a dedication to craft, Finery drinks are made with honest, all-natural ingredients and are best enjoyed as an accompaniment to fine food and good conversation. They’re inspired by nature and embrace clean flavours – with zero alcohol.



Mocktails are no longer for the kids – these alcohol-free versions of your favourite bevs will keep you craving them long after Dry July is over! From the mint lychee mocktail to the whipped lemon fizz, we promise that after just one sip, you won’t even miss the alcohol.




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