With a major push towards minimalist living in the past few years, it’s unsurprising that some key experts in organisation have made their way into the limelight – and for good reason! The process of decluttering your home isn’t exactly quick and easy, so it’s insanely helpful to have some words of wisdom to get you through when you just want to collapse into your pile of old clothes and give up.

But why is decluttering ‘having a moment’ right now – or rather, why should you be having a decluttering ‘moment’ in your own home? Sorting through every item in your house probably isn’t how you dreamt of spending the school holidays, but having the kids at home for even just a day or two can really help you out when it comes to organising their stuff, too.

The world of decluttering is an interesting one. The experts are in fact professionals, with actual accreditations (even if they’re sometimes self-imposed) that make them certified to advise you on how best to declutter your home.

Take Marie Kondo, for example. She began her own organizing consultation business at just 19, when she was a university student in Tokyo. After developing and trademarking her own decluttering method, ‘KonMari’, she became an international superstar and best-selling author – her first book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, sold 8 million copies worldwide. Marie has created her own network of certified consultants, helping people tidy their homes the KonMari way // @mariekondo

Then, there’s The Organised Housewife. Gold Coaster Katrina Springer is a guru on everything organisation, cleaning and cooking, and has built up quite a following with her life-changing strategies and super helpful tips. Her website offers advice on decluttering every room of your house, as well as ideas to keep the mess managed post-clean up – a skill that anyone who has just decluttered for the third time this year will appreciate // @organised_house

Finally, there’s the team behind Little Miss Organized who have been organising the homes and changing the lives of their clients in the Brisbane area since 2011. Created by Bonnie Black, a former primary school teacher who was known as ‘Little Miss Organised’ as a child, the business aims to create a more organised world by helping their clients declutter and find routines that will work for them moving forward // @littlemissorganisedau

Facing an entire house-worth of mess to declutter is daunting, but don’t let it overwhelm you. With the guidance of these organizational gurus, you won’t just become a more efficient declutter-er, but you’ll find your decluttering sessions become fewer and further between as you hone your skills. As Marie Kondo says, “the best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.”

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Anastasia White

Anastasia White  

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