From dying our hair to going full Bob the Builder, stir craziness makes us do the strangest things. If you’re feeling restless (and reckless) try these instead.

Keen to dye your hair?
While we wouldn’t usually recommend hitting the supermarket instead of the hair salon when you want to change your colour, these are strange times. Sometimes, a box dye can be a good solution – done right, of course. Whether you want to add some colourful streaks or tips to your hair, or are looking for a total hair colour transformation, there are some important things to keep in mind. This video by Brad Mondo breaks them down beautifully.

First, prepare your hair and your space – don’t wash it before dying it, do brush it out and separate it into four sections. Lay down a towel and please, PLEASE use gloves. Make sure you read the instructions on your box dye for the correct ingredient ratios, and don’t start with the roots – instead, start from the bottom and work your way up. Make sure you set a timer and regularly check your hair for any breakage, and when it comes time to rinse out your bleach, use lukewarm water and don’t scrub. It could take you a few washes to get out all of the lightener. If you decide you want to go even lighter when you’re finished, wait at least a day.

Or worse… cut your hair?
What is it about boredom that makes girls want a fringe, and guys want to shave their heads?! While we advise against inexperienced home haircuts, if you are going to do it, please, for the love of God, do it properly. There is absolutely a right and a wrong way to cut a fringe (do not – we repeat, do NOT just start cutting straight across) and watching a tutorial will show you which is which. 

Shaving your head, on the other hand, requires less expertise and precision. With that being said, it can certainly still go awry. Use clippers, put a towel down and take it slow. You may think you want a one blade all over, but you won’t know for sure if you don’t try a slightly longer length first. Once it’s shaved off, there’s no going back.

Want to add to the family?
All of the kids in the haven clan are well and truly school-aged, so having more hasn’t crossed any of our team members’ minds for a good five years. Now that we’re in self-isolation, however? Baby. Fever. Of course, we’re not going to actually try to have a baby – all we’re saying is, we can see why people are predicting a post-coronavirus baby boom.

It’s not just babies we’re craving, though. Even the most pet-averse among us have found themselves daydreaming about adding a four-legged family member to the family. And while we definitely don’t recommend buying or adopting a pet in a moment of iso-inspired boredom, you can test the waters and look after an animal in need by becoming a foster carer. The RSPCA and Animal Welfare League have animals available to foster, but you could also reach out to one of your local shelters to see if they have a dog or cat for you to care for, too.

Seeking TikTok fame?
Honestly, who isn’t. Once upon a time TikToks were made for kids by teenagers, but now anyone and everyone is on the platform. You know what they say: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Some popular TikToks you could recreate include…

  1. Lip syncing iconic scenes from Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  2. Being ‘Bored in the house, in the house bored’ (we’re particularly on board with the tape measure-snack-slide situation)
  3. Making a family TikTok like Ciara or LeBron James’ families
  4. Doing the ‘Who is most likely to’ challenge
  5. Try the ‘Nanana Remix’ challenge 

Think you’re a DIY expert?
We’re not just talking finally hanging that gallery wall or changing a lightbulb – for some reason, self-isolation has us thinking we can throw on a toolbelt and do DIY builds we’d usually hire a handyman for. One haven team member has taken to building an entire fence, while others have been flexing their green thumb and giving their garden a full-on makeover. Another has assembled an entire walk-in wardrobe.

Thankfully, we’re not totally in the dark when it comes to DIY. Bunnings offers an entire DIY section on their website, full of tips for your current projects and inspiration for new ones. IKEA, too, is posting more and more do-it-yourself content on their website, with handy hacks to up-cycle your favourite pieces or transform your home all by yourself.

What have you attempted during quarantine that you never would have done before? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook at @havenhub.



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