Have you ever wanted to pack up your life and hit the road, calling a van ‘home’ for months on end? More and more people are making the switch from brick-and-mortar to a life on wheels – many of them with kids in tow.

All over the world, people are taking campervans, people movers and even school buses and converting them into mobile homes that look just as comfortable – if not more so – than your standard house. Equipped with all of the essentials, these solo travellers, couples and families are ditching the daily routine and chasing the adventure of a lifetime – and, luckily for us, sharing their journeys on social media.

Jacob and Tiffany sold ‘just about everything’ to take their two kids on the road in their Airstream – they document their travels on their Instagram, @ourfamilyadventures. While they say that raising a family in a van isn’t easy – parenting in general isn’t a walk in the park – the adventure makes it so worth it.

“There are some things that are harder than living in a house, but most of what we run into while parenting is similar to what we’d be dealing with at home,” they say. “We have the opportunity to make some incredible memories with our kids.”

They joke that life on the road is like an amazing preschool for their three-year-old, and reckon they’re a lot closer as a family now that they’re always travelling. They spend more quality time together, and their two children in particular are getting a chance to bond like they never had before.

“But how do they make money?!” you ask.

Pete and Taylor are the van-lifers behind popular blog Always on the Road, which details their journey from the heart of New York City to their current life in their van.

“When we first hit the road, we had no idea how we would make money. People would ask us how we planned on sustaining this lifestyle and all we could say was, ‘we’ll figure it out’,” they say. “There are many ways you can generate income to sustain your travels but finding the ways that work best for you is the challenging part.

From remote work – online writing and administration jobs, for example – to migrant/seasonal work – like working for events, festivals and local businesses – Pete and Taylor say there is always a way to make the money they need. Most van-lifers have been able to partially support their lifestyle by documenting it on social media, growing a following so that they can partner with businesses and even sell online resources like eBooks to make some extra cash.

Sure, the money they make through social media alone isn’t enough to live on. But, by combining a number of different revenue sources in true nomadic style, people living the #vanlife can continue to chase waterfalls and follow the sun, indefinitely.

It’s certainly not for everyone – but you’ll never know until you try.

Insta’ inspo:

@elisecook // Elise and her husband Dom have been on the road for months and months, seeing every corner of Australia in their vintage Volkswagen van, Scout. With white sandy beaches, soft sunsets and endless flowy dresses (we don’t know how she does it, since she quite literally lives out of a suitcase) Elise paints the perfect picture of life on the road.

@willowbird_ // this oncology nurse often packs up her kids, hubby and pup and hits the road in their van, Peggy. While they don’t live the van life 24/7, Ruth and her fam often enjoy weekend escapes to beach and bush campsites, and they have a blast while they’re at it.

@nataliethenudie // Natalie and her family live the definition of the simple life. With her husband and bub, Moon, they follow the sun in their van and show no signs of stopping.

@thetravellingshed// French nationals Marion and Flo are travelling their home country with their Golden Retriever in tow. While their pics on the road are wanderlust-worthy, we loved watching their van transform from an empty shell into a fully-fledged house on wheels (you can still see their progress in their Instagram story highlights!)

@vanclans // the ultimate round-up of anyone and everyone living the #vanlife all over the globe, Van Clans showcases amazing destinations and jaw-dropping van-remodels that will have you ready to hit the road after mere minutes of scrolling their feed.

Anastasia White

Anastasia White  

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