Have you noticed your daughter is increasingly using nonsensical phrases? Collecting more scrunchies? Demanding $60 reusable water bottles?

You may have a VSCO Girl on your hands.

Named after the popular photo editing app VSCO (formerly VSCO Cam) and popularized by mobile video platform Tik Tok, the ‘VSCO Girl’ is a stereotype gone wild.

You’ll see her wearing a large t-shirt as a dress, riding a penny skateboard, wearing Vans (or Birkenstocks, or even Crocs – but only if they’re white) and drinking some form of iced Starbucks beverage – with a metal straw, because #savetheturtles.

She’ll use her Hydroflask water bottle (the $60 one) to make friendship bracelets, which she’ll stack between scrunchies, hair coils and Pura Vida bracelets on her wrists, or maybe even tie to her ankles. She never leaves the house without her puka shell necklace or her Bert’s Bee’s lip balm, which she keeps in her Fjällräven backpack.

Honestly, we’re as lost as you are.

While just about all of these incredibly specific items make a VSCO Girl, there is no better giveaway than the phrases ‘And I oop-’ and ‘Sksksksk’.

Nope, that’s not gibberish – they’re genuine sayings that have become incredibly popular, particularly amongst VSCO Girls. 

‘And I oop-’ can be credited to a video of former Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Jasmine Masters, in which she stops halfway through her story – saying ‘and I oop-’ in the process – because she hit… a certain part of her body. You can watch it here (though we’re giving you a major language warning).

‘Sksksksksk’, on the other hand, basically just translates to ‘hahaha’.


A crossover between 90s nostalgia and surfer chic, the VSCO Girl isn’t really that different to the other stereotypes that have paved the way before her. Goths had a certain aesthetic, as did ‘gamer girls’. 

But VSCO Girls, for some reason, garner a lot more hate than most. Is it because their image is so specific, their peers have grown sick of them particularly quickly? Or because it’s easy to hate on things that are inherently ‘girly’, or trying too hard to be cool?

We’re not sure. But, for every hater, there are hundreds more girls out there writing ‘Hydroflask’ and ‘penny board’ onto their Christmas wishlists.

The VSCO Girl is officially the new ‘It’ girl, and she’s not going away any time soon.



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