When was the last time you had a massage? if you see this respite as a luxury, not a therapy – think again. massage has some amazing benefits that will convert your thinking.

When White Stone Massage owner Deia Abitante was looking for a career where she could ‘lend a hand’ and help people out, she found her calling came quite literally – in massage, healthcare and Reiki. White Stone Massage offers an impressive list of treatments – everything from dry needling and Indian head massages to lymphatic drainage (which is a lot more relaxing than it sounds!).

6“We actually offer 15 different types of massages and treatments,” Deia says. “Remedial massage is the most common, but we also specialise in pregnancy and post-natal massage – we even have tables where the mum-to-be is able to lie face down, which makes such a difference.”

Deia says the most common reasons people come in for remedial massage are soreness from daily activities such as work, training or just stress, that could be blocking them from performing to their full potential.

“We also get many clients who have suffered serious injuries in the past and massage treatments help them live a pain-free life,” she says. But Deia says that sometimes, the best reason to get a massage isn’t even physical.

“It’s known that regular massages provide relaxation and calm to the human body,” Deia says. “Now imagine giving that one hour per week or even every two weeks to your body – to relax completely? You reduce stress and increase the quality of life. Massage works on the muscles where there is a build up of stress, making us able to improve our productivity to its optimal level and allowing for a happier life.”

3And who better to help you achieve said ‘optimal productivity’ than the healing hands of a White Stone masseuse? The massage therapists are all fully qualified in several different areas, beyond the standard techniques. Deia herself isn’t just a remedial therapist but is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy and Reiki Master who has six years of experience in the healthcare industry under her belt.

“Ever since I finished my first massage course and started working in a clinic in Manly, New South Wales, helping and looking after people has been my passion,” Deia says. “The best feeling is when you can see the results in your clients and know that your job really makes a difference in someone’s life – that is indeed the best payment I could ever get from a client.

“You really must experience a good massage at least once in your life,” Deia says. “It’s truly holistic – you feel it, not just in your body, but your mind as well.”

Visit www.whitestonemassage.com.au



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