We all dream about having luscious, silky, strong thick hair. It seems too often we want the opposite of what we got, complaining about split ends, dry, brittle hair and envy the women who have beautiful healthy hair. What if you could wear your hair this summer knowing how to get a hair care guide to the healthiest hair ever! Well jump on in to follow these easy steps to ensure your hair looks amazing this summer.

Limit heat
Try limiting each week the amount of times using the blow dyer, curling wand or straightening irons. These elements use high temperatures causing the hair shaft to heat up and over time produces dry, brittle split ends, not only at the ends but splitting up to your mid-length. Have you noticed split, dry ends from the mid-length down? This is the area where direct or close heat is applied to the hair. Be mindful and allow rest days for your hair to repair itself. Hair does stress out with overuse of heat appliances.

Regular trims
To keep your ends looking fresh and healthy it’s always best to maintain trims. This will make a huge difference to your hairstyle overall appearance. As split ends continue up the hair shaft it makes hair look dull, frizzy and unkempt, so attending to them quickly should keep you prepared this summer. There is nothing worse than fighting the split ends to have long hair at the best of times, we need to compromise at some point if we desire healthy hair.

Heat protectant
As we protect our skin from the sun our hair should be no different. Heat and UV causes hair to become brittle over time. If you’re someone who has chemically treated hair, your exposure to these elements are at a higher risk of damage than someone who has natural hair. What is the best way to protect your hair this summer? There are a few things you can do that your hair will love you for it. Nourish your hair with Nak ultimate treatment, this smooths and rebuilds hair in 60 seconds. With argan oil, keratin and silk amino acids hair will strengthen offering protection from further damage. Seal your ends with Nak thermal shield, apply to hair before styling. It helps protect hair from environmental factors like heat while the conditioning elements will tame down fizz and split ends.

Nourish your insides
Hair is a filter to what is happening on the inside too, it plays an important part. Funny enough, hair can determine what is happening with your body internally, fascinating isn’t it? Poor diet, autoimmune diseases, stress and iron deficiency can take a toll causing hair loss especially around the hair line and hair feeling brittle. That’s why it’s important to eat a healthy diet, if you feel that you’re still lacking in vitamins, supplements are the way to go. Try introducing fish oils, vitamin B and collagen powder.  Always seek medical advice followed by research as you want to understand what your body needs. Just remember it’s about what works for you, everyone has different needs to nourish their insides.

Try implementing one of these tips this summer, your hair will love you for it. Find ways that will improve your motivation for the healthiest hair to suit your lifestyle and budget. I would love to know what are your summer healthy hair tips, or products you can’t live without…

Happy Styling!

Michelle Fortunaso

Michelle Fortunaso  

Through her 20 years working as a hair stylist for award-winning salons in Brisbane, Michelle discovered that most of her clients struggled to maintain the look they wanted in their day-to-day life. Her clients often told her "I don't know how to style my hair the same way as it is done in the salon!” and "I want to curl my hair, but don't know where to start?”. Knowing that hairdressers don't often have enough time in their appointments to sit and teach these skills, Michelle created The Weekend Stylist to educate her clients and, in turn, to provide the same empowerment they feel when they leave the salon. Michelle is passionate about helping real women of all ages break through barriers, replacing their anxiety about styling their hair with confidence and positivity. Clients can master hair styling with Michelle’s guidance, addressing their areas of concern with practical advice - all using the tools and products they have at home. Michelle's approach gives women the confidence to style their own looks in between salon visits, and better communicate their styling needs at the salon // www.theweekendstylist.com