Party food doesn’t have to be sugar-laden to be fun. In fact, healthy food options are gathering momentum among event planners.

How do you balance a party food menu that children will love with the healthy snack options that many parents prefer? The oral health experts at Maven Dental suggest you keep it simple and colourful. What’s a party without colour, right?

The most important step is to stay away from sugary snacks. You will already have more children on your hands than you are used to, so don’t add an energy booster into the mix – that’s just plain old crazy! Maven Dental reminds us that there are plenty of sweet healthy options that are good for the mini party people too.

Did you know this yummy, prickly fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain that helps to reduce inflammation and the fruit also helps to alkalize your party guests.

Include apple slices on your party menu as part of the main meal or even a snack after the birthday cake – the fibre of the apple works as a little toothbrush for teeth and tongues.

For guests who are lactose or dairy intolerant, there are now alternative cheeses so everyone can enjoy a little bit of cheese. The benefit of cheese is it can coat the enamel on the teeth and protect teeth from acid in other party foods.

Broccoli and carrots
Here’s a hot tip: Make a veggie platter for your party table. You may think children won’t dip into it but with more parents opting for healthy lifestyles, broccoli and carrots aren’t a wasted effort. These two vegetables in particular help growing teeth via their crunch, as this helps to stimulate saliva. Saliva contains antibacterial compounds to help keep the mouth clean.

It’s no secret but the best alternative to sugary drinks is plain water. Not only will your partygoers stay hydrated, water will reduce the sugar peaks and lows as well. Maybe throw some colourful berries or fruit pieces into your water jug to give it a festive twist? If you are thinking these options might be a little boring for your party, this is where your creativity begins.

Use shaped cutters for the pineapple and cheese, or display your veggie pieces in clever ways (as faces or other pictures relevant to the party theme, for example). This way, you can make your next children’s party both fun for the guests and healthy for their teeth and growing bodies.

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Fun Bites make healthy party food options fun with the crazy cool shapes they produce. Simply rock the cutter back and forth over your food slices (think fruit, veg, cheese, simple sandwiches and cold meats) and use the fitted insert to push the pieces out neatly. It’s also an activity the kids will love!

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