It can be very stressful for both a student and his/her parents when that child is struggling with literacy, reading and/or writing. Here’s a way to help kids crack the literacy code and set them up for a better future.


Do you have a child who struggles with reading and writing? Are you struggling to find a solution to help them? As parents of school-aged kids, the one thing we inherently know is that reading and writing are the most important schooling fundamentals. So it can be worrying when your child doesn’t quite seem to get it.


Stephen Flynn has culminated his life’s work into a program called Crack the Code which assists children struggling with literacy skills. This program is beneficial for all students struggling with literacy, but particularly those who are phonologically dyslexic.


The program focuses on children who struggle with reading, writing and segmentation of sound – that is, individuals who may struggle to hear a word and identifying the vowels and sounds within a word.


“Crack the Code is a sequential program that incorporates visual and auditory techniques to effectively teach the reading and spelling of sounds, but especially vowels within words,” Stephen explains. “It has already helped hundreds of students to develop effective literacy skills.”


Based at Banora Point and the father of two young boys, Stephen has a 25-year background in speech pathology and teaching which has allowed him to engage with students from all walks of life and further understand the foundations of learning difficulties.


“During my years of teaching I became fascinated with why some children could learn to read and write easily and why some kids could not.”, he recalls. “At the time, many programs that were available to these children would only target some aspects of literacy issues.”


As Stephen explains, one of the challenges of teaching the English language is that there are only five or six vowels in our alphabet, but 20 vowel sounds. Therefore, it is not surprising that about one-third of students struggle with segmenting vowel sounds.


Stephen says early intervention is key to enabling children to succeed academically in later life. Crack the Code has seen much success in teaching children aged from 5 through to 16 years. The program has already been introduced to more than 40 schools across Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.


Visit www.crackthealphabetcode.com.au


Words // Bridie Macdonald




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