Bunk beds, magnets, button batteries, TV’s, blind cords and baby change tables are among the hidden dangers around the home causing serious or fatal injury to children.


According to Kidsafe Queensland, children up to six years of age are at most risk of injury in and around the home – where they should be the safest. It’s an alarming statistic, right?


Look around your house for these hidden dangers. Can the furniture, including the TV, fall onto the kids? Can you secure your TV to the wall or cabinet with TV straps? Kids cannot identify what the hazards are but you can. Kidsafe Queensland urges parents to put on their workplace health and safety hat and have a good look around their baby’s environment. Where do you store your unused or spent batteries? Did you know that button batteries can kill if swallowed? Can doors slam shut onto little fingers and amputate them? Could you install a baby gate at the top and/or bottom of the stairs and gate to the kitchen? Get down on the floor and look for choking hazards under the coffee table, double adaptors and exposed power points, even pretty items on top of furniture that will encourage toddlers to climb. What hazards could cause serious injury and can you remove them or minimise the risk associated with them?


Kidsafe Queensland says the kitchen is the worst room for burns and scalds. Tea, coffee and hot liquids too close to the edge of the bench account for more than 300 scalds in the children’s burns unit each year. They also state that the top three causes of poisonings in children are household cleaners, medications and paracetamol. Keep them in a high cupboard secured with a child safety lock. If a baby, toddler or child swallows anything that’s not food call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.


Kidsafe Queensland suggests parents close the doors to the rooms you don’t want the kids in and secure the knob with a childproof cover to limit the area of immediate supervision.


Also, do you know CPR or know what to do if your child chokes or is burned? Kidsafe Queensland teaches emergency paediatric first aid courses regularly at Kidsafe House and in other locations by appointment. Book into a first aid course before you need it.


Kidsafe is an independent resource for all parents and carers of children. Phone 07 30854 1829 for advice on prevention of injuries or go online for more.


Visit www.kidsafeqld.com.au




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