Earlier this year, a book celebrating the achievements of fifty brilliant Australian women broke new ground, delighting people of all ages and genders – you can read what we thought of it right here.

While it’s no secret that men have typically enjoyed better representation in the media and in literature than their female counterparts, there was a call for a similar book – instead, featuring fifty ace Australian men – to be put together.

And it has. ‘High Five to the Boys’ is a celebration of the achievements of brilliant Australian men – men who have broken new ground, stood up for what they believed in, achieved incredible things and defied stereotypes. The kind of men we want our sons to look up to.

These men span industries, cultures and generations – there’s an astronaut, a dancer and a YouTube maths teacher. Expect to read the story of sportsman Johnathon Thurston, then the story of World War II surgeon Weary Dunlop, as well as Adam Goodes, Hugh Jackman and Kurt Fearnley.

“When we published Shout Out to the Girls earlier this year, we were inundated with support,” says Penguin Random House Australia publisher, Holly Toohey. “It was wonderful to be part of the incredibly important conversations and actions taking place everywhere to change our world for the better.

“And while men have historically had a far, far greater voice and representation in many spheres than women – which made it so very important for us to publish more stories about amazing women – we can’t forget that we need to hear about positive male role models too.”

And beyond providing some incredible role models for our boys and girls, this book is doing some serious social good, too, with royalties from the sales going to The Smith Family.

“We want the next generation of young Australians to hear about the men who give us hope for the future,” says Holly, “who inspire us in both everyday and extraordinary ways, whose actions exemplify what it means to be a top bloke in today’s Australia.”

Brought to colourful life with contemporary illustrations from Australian male artists, ‘High Five to the Boys’ is an uplifting and illuminating read for all ages and genders. It’s a book to inspire rich conversations and pique the curiosity of young people, in a by no means comprehensive selection of just a few of the boys and men to whom we say “Mate, you rock.”

Penguin Books Australia, RRP $29.99



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