Whether you are traveling by road, rail or plane, a family needs some downtime during their holiday. Time to just relax, regroup and not do much. That’s what holidays are for, right?

I’ve put together a list of art materials that should be essential in every family suitcase for a holiday, even if it is just a weekend getaway. Everything I mention below is available to be purchased at most newsagents, office supply stores and even in the Mrs Red’s online shop. Here is my holiday packing list for art supplies:

Holiday art essentials…

  1. A blank visual diary (A5 is a great size)
  2. A pencil case around A5 size as well – keep it compact!
  3. A couple of graphite pencils, maybe a HB and a 2B
  4. An eraser. If you can, buy one that is blue at one end and white at the other so it can be used for removing pen and pencil from your pages
  5. A sharpener that is encased in a container to collect the shavings
  6. A black ballpoint pen
  7. 12 or 24 good quality coloured pencils

The non-essentials, but great to squeeze in…

  1. Swap the coloured pencils for watercolour pencils
  2. A set of dry watercolour paints
  3. A water brush – this look like a pen with a brush end and a canister that you fill with water and attach to the nib
  4. A couple of small paint brushes
  5. A maths compass set, complete with mini ruler
  6. Gel pens
  7. A mini glue stick
  8. Colouring-in books – they are still in abundance!

All of these items I have listed above are great for the whole family. If buying a visual diary, go online and search ‘travel visual diary ideas’ and you will get a huge amount of inspiration for what to draw whilst on holidays. Simple items can be drawn like your beach hat or ski gloves. Try drawing a scene from your window. My best tip here is to focus on relaxing and having fun rather than being the next Picasso!

Doodling is another fantastic travel time waster and is one of my favourite things to do! I have a hardbound journal that is dedicated to our holidays. It is about five years old now and all the drawings that have been done in it bring back fantastic memories of our travels. And the pencil case I carry is also dedicated to travelling, so nothing is removed when at home and it is ready to go for the next little getaway, which will happen a little more often now, I hope!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” – Anonymous

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Mrs Red  

Jane Whittred (aka Mrs. Red) has a Bachelor of Art under one arm, a PG Diploma of Education under the other, three children and a hubby in one hand and a mini farm in the Gold Coast’s hinterland in the other hand. Jane owns Mrs. Red’s art room in Miami and believes this business found her mixing two degrees together and using these skills to open an art room to teach both children and adults visual art. www.mrsredsartroom.com.au