With the long summer holiday looming what can we do as parents to help our children retain the skills they learned this year at school? It is very common and not unsurprising that children do appear to forget many of the skills and concepts learned.


But do not worry! I have listed some of my favourite activities that you can do at home to keep skills sharp and have fun.




Sight Words:

  • Table/floor sight word scramble – write words on cards and lay out on the floor or table. Who’s the first to run to / hand slam the word called out? Noisy but fun.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Hide sight words around the room for your child to find.
  • Ball words – Section off a ball into many squares with a texta. Write a sight word in each square. Throw the ball to your child. They read the word under their right thumb.



  • Read around Australia – Every time your child reads a set number of pages they earn 100 kilometres. These kilometres accumulate and enable them to ‘travel’ to set destinations e.g. Gold Coast to Sydney. Each time they reach their destination they are rewarded with incentives you choose together. Easy to adapt for the reading ability of your child.
  • Resurrect the read-aloud – in addition to a one-on-one bedtime story, think about other times – read over breakfast; get siblings to read aloud to each other or to the family pet; gather the whole family for a group read!
  • Be a reading buddy – if you see your child reading, grab your own book and snuggle up.
  • Join your local library – it’s quick and easy to join to access a huge source of reading material and you can tap into your child’s interests for free.



  • Shopping – Allocate your children a small amount of money and take them to the supermarket, then have them find five different items they can purchase with their money.
  • Time – Get the kids to time themselves doing everyday activities and see if they can beat their previous score.
  • Cooking – Teach your children how to follow a recipe to help reinforce fractions, measurements and conversions. They will need to become familiar with cup and spoon measurements, as well as weights. Make it as practical as possible.
  • Shapes – Plan a scavenger hunt for objects shaped like spheres, cones, cubes etc.
  • Graph coordinates – Play Battleships or look on the internet for sites that make coordinate pictures which are free.
  • Making maps –Take a walk around your neighbourhood and note key features to make a map with your child.


Make learning engaging and fun at home and your children will enjoy it –  especially because they get to share it with you.


Words: Tracy Willcocks

More: www.beginbright.com.au




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