Aussie television’s night of nights, the TV Week Logie Awards, have found a new home on the Gold Coast – which gives us locals a reason to celebrate! Why not get into the spirit with a good old viewing party? Here’s how…

1. Entertainment

Aside from providing a television or projector to air the Logies on, get creative with party games or entertainment to ensure your guests have the time of their life. You can use an online generator to make Logies-themed bingo cards, comprised of things or words guests should be looking out for throughout the ceremony – first one to fill out their card (and scream ‘bingo!’ at the top of their lungs) gets a prize. Or, you could take this idea and turn it into a drinking game, where guests take one, two or three sips every time something on their card happens on screen. And during the ad breaks, guests could take turns acting out nominated actors, presenters and TV shows to the rest of the group.

2. Food and drinks

No one wants to sit down to a formal meal while watching the Logies, so think small appetizers and finger food that can be passed around easily. Popcorn in small striped containers, tuxedo-style foods (brie and crackers or sausages in bread with bowties) or anything star shaped will do the trick. And, failing that, a large cheese platter always goes down a treat – particularly when you’ve nailed the drinks list. Champagne pairs well with red carpet events, but don’t be afraid to get creative. A signature cocktail adorned with, once again, a bowtie or star will ensure your viewing party is more memorable than the Logies themselves.

3. Décor

Stick to a palette of black, white and red with pops of gold for the ultimate awards ceremony look. Glitz and glam are key at any red-carpet ceremony, so add a touch of sparkle with glittery cushions or streamers. You can also keep things local by throwing in some Gold Coast-themed mementos, leaving thongs by the front door, a few stray beach balls, beach umbrellas in your backyard or a surfboard leaning up against a wall.

4. Costumes

Deciding whether you’re going to go ‘costume’ or ‘no costume’ can be tough. Ultimately, it comes down to your guests – are they likely to rise to the occasion? Costume ideas don’t have to be complicated, and costume parties are a LOT of fun. It could be as simple as ‘all gold’, or you could go vintage with an ‘Old Logies’ dress code and have everyone wear 1958-style clothing to honour the year the Logies began – particularly relevant considering this year is the awards show’s 60th anniversary! You could also poke a bit of fun at the whole night by having an ‘Unsung Heroes’ theme – guests can come dressed as notable Australian figures who don’t quite fit into any Logies categories (think ‘hot like a sunrise’ Rhonda or notorious political figures).

So, there you have it – your definitive guide to hosting a last-minute Logies party. Be sure to tag us @havenhub if you give any of these ideas a try. Enjoy your Logies weekend – whatever you’re up to!

Anastasia White

Anastasia White  

Anastasia (‘Anny’ to her friends and family, thanks to some nickname experimentation in year 4 that unfortunately stuck) is a born-and-bred Brisbanite with a love of coffee and her cat, Olive. Having recently finished a degree in journalism, Anastasia loves being able to learn and write about so many different topics for a variety of audiences.