Don’t miss ROFLSHALBOWCO, the show that will have the whole family – yep, even mum and dad – ‘Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard a Little Bit of Wee Comes Out’.

From the multi-talented Listies (the duet which can only be described as the ‘cult figures of the children’s theatre world’) comes a show like no other. But how is it like no other, we hear you ask?

“Does it have a burpershop quartet?” Yes, yes it does.

“Does the show feature the world’s most annoying song?” Totes!

“Is there a mini panto fairy tale called ‘Jack and the Beans-Talk’ about a boy who eats magic beans and farts himself into space?” OBVIOUSLY – WHAT SHOW DOESN’T HAVE THAT?

“Will I roll on the floor laughing so hard a little bit of wee comes out?” Yes, yes you will… you should probably bring a towel.

From September 28 to 29 at the Gold Coast’s Home of the Arts (HOTA), this gratuitous, ridiculous, hilarious, joyous and possibly hazardous production will have the whole family in stitches.

It’s the freshest double-act sketch comedy in kids’ entertainment, combining all the best bits of The Listies sell-out shows while injecting all new, totally hilarious comedy routines – there really is something for everyone.

Don’t miss Rich and Matt’s most ROFL-tastic performance. The multi-award winning duo are looking forward to delighting audiences with their insane, interactive, illogical and irreverent escapades.




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